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Cart #xor-13 | 2022-04-18 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

XOR Must Be Revealed

His many faces are scattered through 15 levels. Acquiring all the faces on any level will enhance your knowledge of Xor.

Beware Xor controls his world and doesn't give up his personality easily

Rediscover this classic from 1987, originally released by Astral Software under Logotron. This is still a very early WIP (first playable alpha actually), a few levels can be played but still missing levels, sound and probably some graphical polishing. The game will provide the original 15 levels and several extra ones once complete and ideally (if sticking to plan...) a level editor so you can create your own levels and puzzles.

Take control of Magus and Questor and beat all the levels in Xor's world by picking all his many faces and exiting through the door. Switch between Magus and Questor with X and see a level map with Z. You can quit a level if you get stuck from the map screen.

Experiment and unravel the strange rules that govern Xor's Domain!


This is an early Alpha Any feedback appreciated!

  • 15 levels implemented
  • Forcefields, Fish, Chicken, H-Bombs, V-Bombs, Fat Dolls, Switches and BMUS implemented, though levels with BMUS have not been tested that much... expect failures
  • ingame press πŸ…ΎοΈ to see the map
  • Switch shields with ❎
  • Quit level (f.e. when unsolvable...) holding ❎ in the map view
  • Some basic SFX


  • Teleporting does not center correctly on shield after the move : FIXED (for real this time I hope...)
  • Teleports not correctly reset between levels : FIXED
  • Explossives missbehaviour, they should not exploed when used to detonate others : FIXED
  • Moving explossives missbehaviour, failed to explode afer las update : FIXED


  • Big rewrite to save compressed space... hard limit there... got it down to 95%
  • Full SFX and Music
  • Level access logic (10->11, 12->13, 14->15)
  • End level letters for the Decoder
  • Password unblock for free level access
  • Extra levels (extra levels pack and Prospector in the mines of Xor extra levels) probably requires multicart
  • Level Editor
  • CARTDATA handling with best scores per level and controlling level access
  • Probably splitting into 2 carts if including editor...
  • A way to share new levels (probably stored in spr/map area on the second cart with serial)
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