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i don´t think, therefore i ain't.

brought to you by the colour green, the number 3, and the prenasalised labialised voiced labiovelar stop /ᵑᵐg͡bʷ/

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Cart #bushi_brawler-0 | 2024-02-01 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

In a quiet mountain range, on forgotten training grounds,
two warriors stand, ready to compete in a pure test of ability.
No tricks or gimmicks,
just their brawns, brains, and faithful swords.

Bushi Brawler

...is a minimal 2d platform fighter, inspired primarily by Super Smash Land and FOOTSIES.

Made alone by someone who plays barely any fighting games, platform or not, for the Samurai Game Jam.

Subject to be updated some day with added characters and better physics, attacks, and AI.


  • a 2 player and a vs CPU mode
  • 1 character type, 1 stage
  • no health, just increasing knockback. hit your players off the edge or into the sky to win!
  • 1 attack button, 6 attacks: an upwards, a neutral, and a downwards attack each when grounded or airborne
  • customisable time limit (including none), stocks (lives), starting knockback percentage, and screen shake
  • barely any music, just the swooshing of swords and thumping of running.


  • left/right to move
  • O to jump
  • X to attack
  • up/down to aim

aiming down lets you drop through platforms.


  • upward grounded: an upwards slash that flings your opponent upwards. long build-up.
  • neutral grounded (also when running): a simple sword strike. long recovery.
  • downwards grounded: leg sweep. fast, long range, weak, mostly horizontal knockback. short invincibility.
  • upwards aerial: a mid-air jump that follows into a downwards slice until you hit the ground.
  • neutral aerial: a simple sword spin.
  • downwards aerial: a downwards sword thrust. bounces you up upon hitting an enemy.



  • the lazy devs discord server, for being a cool and encouraging lot
  • Achie, for making me aware of this game jam
  • my brother, for helping with a small amount of game testing
P#140995 2024-02-01 17:44 ( Edited 2024-02-02 10:33)

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Cart #artery-17 | 2024-02-03 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA


A nice little drawing tool

version 2.7182... (e): "More than ever, hour after/ hour work is never over" edition


  • multiple tools
    • brush tool
    • shape tool (rectangles and ovals, both filled and not)
    • text tool
    • select and move tools
  • multiple palettes
  • 4 steps of undo
  • zoom and pan
  • lots of keyboard controls
  • exporting, both as images and project strings
  • importing, any project strings and images <= 128x128 online, more in pico-8

controls: (keys in QWERTY layout)

  • scroll wheel can be replaced by up/down arrow keys!

  • press tab for in-cart control list! (currently limited info)

  • left/right to change tool
  • ctrl + scroll to zoom
  • 1...0 to zoom (0 = 10x zoom)
  • middle click or ctrl + left click to pan
  • shift + ctrl + scroll or R/F to change dither pattern
  • ctrl + Z to undo
  • alt + scroll to change palette
  • G for grid (zoom >= 4)

  • ctrl+S to save image (screenshot)
  • ctrl+E to export data string
  • ctrl+I to import data string
  • ctrl + ...

    • (B)rush,
    • (F)ill,
    • (T)ext,
    • Q => shape (yeah, idk),
    • (M)arquee (select),
    • N => move ('cause it's next to M)
  • ctrl H/V: horizontal/vertical flip (works with select!)

  • drag and drop to load an image (warning: 128x128 only in forum ...which means saved images are too big to be reloaded by default)


  • brush tool:
    • left click to draw
    • shift + left click to draw lines
    • right click for eyedropper (color select)
    • scroll to change brush size
    • shift + scroll to change color
  • fill tool:
    • left click to fill
    • right click for eyedropper (color select)
    • shift + scroll to change color
  • text tool:
    • left click to stamp text
    • keyboard input to write text
    • right click for eyedropper (color select)
    • shift + scroll to change color
    • write [\DATE] to append current date (ddMmm)
    • write [\TIME] to append current time (HH:MM; 24h, the better way /hj)
    • ctrl + V to paste clipboard (avoid non-standard characters, incl. newline and tab)
    • alt to clear current text
    • shift for upper-case and symbols
  • shape tool:
    • click and hold to draw shape
    • up/down to cycle shapes and fill
    • right click for eyedropper (color select)
    • shift + scroll to change color
  • select tool:
    • click and hold to make selection
    • just click to clear selection
  • move tool:
    • click and drag to copy and move selection (whole canvas if nothing selected)


(in order of difficulty)

  • shape brushes
  • spray tool
  • variable thickness on shape tool


thick line code from freds72 (now, sadly no longer used. this was a major milestone, though!)
new thick line code inspired by sako's drawApp!



  • uploaded to BBS
  • added image saving


  • fixed line drawing
  • added d-pad support
  • small code optimisations


  • zooming and panning
  • all the requisite code reworks to support zooming and panning


  • keyboard control support
  • even sized brushes
  • huge input and brush rework


  • image importing
  • changed pattern selection
  • code style tweaks

v1 1/3:

  • added visuals:
    • a map when holding ctrl
    • colour bar when holding shift
    • dither preview when holding ctrl + shift
  • line drawing rework
  • controls cheat sheet (tab)
  • control scheme redesign
  • data string exporting and importing
  • reworked image import to support more resolutions (now supports multiples of 32, 64, and 96 as well, not only 128)
  • input rework: mouse buttons now work like keyboard keys


  • fixed line beginning not updating when panning
  • from SaKo's DrawApp:
    • inspiration for way better line algorithm
    • highlighter outlines
  • new cursor style
  • multiple colour palettes
  • tools!: fill, text, shape, select, move
  • undo (4 steps)
  • horizontal and vertical flip
  • more keybinds:
P#131302 2023-06-24 20:16 ( Edited 2024-02-03 22:25)