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A student, programmer, and data science enthusiast, thriving at age of 15, on a quest for knowledge and growth.

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My Thought

I was thinking of making a "quite-long" and "story-based" game (like Papers, Please) and for that, I have only two options which I believe can make it, first, Godot - It's perfect but the only problem is its bundling with "both 2D & 3D" when we don't need both. Next there's PICO-8 - I believe it can make it just so it is better suited since my game shall have "arrows" and "1-2 interactive btn".

My Fear

I fear only one thing. That is, are the limitations workable for the game?

  • I know the Cart size limit, But then I can simply #include a main.lua file and a network of codes to work.

  • The next big thing is SpriteSheet. Can I possibly have more than the "128x128"? I believe I can (by the unlimited #include space) make "text-sprites" (a 2D array with sprite data) and "workaround" and display it.

  • Can I rely on dget() and dset() to completely save user data?

  • Do the dset() and all save data even on HTML builds? Since I'll be using Cordova to export easily into Android (As I've already done it on one of my other game: vech10
Your Views

I'll be extremely glad if anyone would guide me (possibly) since this is "the" first time I'm at this "BBS"

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