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Hi! I am Korange, I'm from Japan.
I'm 11 years old and I can speak a little English.
Nice to meet you!

:: Unfold ::

This is my first PICO-8 cartridge.
There are still some problems, but I decided to complete it once for now.

Cart #way_home-1 | 2023-03-13 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

This is a game in which you control a stickman to avoid spikes and birds.
Inspired by Chrome Dino.
BGM was borrowed from 般若's MIDIの里 and used with denote.

Jump to avoid spikes and avoid birds by sliding.


  • Left&Right: Move
  • Up/O: Jump
  • Down: Sliding...?

Current issue

  • There are times when the placement is absolutely unavoidable. (Serious problem)
  • The placement of the spikes follows one pattern to some extent. (spike-->spike-->(spike)-->bird)
P#127070 2023-03-13 10:16

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