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I made a web-based tool for extracting and converting MIDI file data to be played in PICO-8. It's nicely interactive and includes a PICO-8 console built into the page so that you can audition the results before you copy the SFX data. Give Denote a try and let me know what you think.

P#94001 2021-06-24 22:48 ( Edited 2022-03-27 14:08)


Superb work, @bikibird. Works great !

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P#94011 2021-06-25 05:12

@dw817, thanks! Your music sounds great.

P#94019 2021-06-25 14:05

This is by far the best midi to pico-8 converter I've ever tried. It could not be simpler to use. Drag and drop, copy and paste. Thank you so much for this tool you deserve a medal.

P#94044 2021-06-25 22:18

@alexc, So glad you like it!

P#94045 2021-06-25 22:49

for non-musician (like me) the midi to pico tools are invaluable, but requires a linux machine.
Your version makes it even more easy to refine midi file, test pico output and iterate!

P#94067 2021-06-26 10:04

@freds72, thanks! As a fellow non-musician, believe me, I felt your pain.

P#94106 2021-06-26 18:50

works good for less complex songs, but with more tracks, it seems to loose any sense of priority, you cant even guess this one:

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edit: does not play anything fsr, it should be fine though

P#139425 2023-12-30 19:28 ( Edited 2023-12-30 19:35)

Highly polyphonic music can be a problem. If a track has simultaneous notes in it, denote splits it into separate tracks. If it results in more than 4 tracks then you have a situation where you are going to have missing notes because you must choose from a subset of tracks and you don't have a lot of control over which notes wound up in which tracks. There may be a better way to sort the notes for track assignment, but I haven't figured that out yet.

P#139426 2023-12-30 19:36

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