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Jank coder of the year for sure! Player of many things and maker of the Pico-Shorts blog series!


Hi, I'm Torsten (he/him) aka Donswelt and I'm an indie game developer from Germany.


I aspire to out-Action 52 the Action 52 on PICO-8.


Game hobbyist and creator in spare times
i am from generation X, born in 1972 and i saw video games begins. That's why my Pico-8 games looks like 70s and 80s arcade games esthetic. Old school games still looks good.

Mainly inspired by Midway's Eugene Jarvis's flash color text style. Almost Namco/Nintendo arcade display style. Almost Atari 2600 and Apple II+ display style. Some example of what kind of game I like to do. I don't copy modern game's style. I stay in my time!


Hi, I make games.


Hi !

My name's Matthieu.

I make games using GameMaker Studio and PICO-8.


Author of Downstream Dream, Star Trek: Killer Q'egh, and TMNT: Shredder's PREvenge OST. Sound designer/programmer for Demi Daggers. Currently making poppy little dance tunes.


bat and game dev


hi! here is some text for you to read.
some selected carts that I've uploaded here:

the tower

for more, see my itch page or my website


You can find me @ ellugar.co


i should go to bed


Hello pico8 fellow! This is Jose Guerra! Making pico8 games, experiments and tweetcarts since 2016. Play some of my games! Let me know what you think!

Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/guerragames


Idiot-in-chief at extarscube.com


I'm good :).


Hi there,
I make stuff!

Check out my twitter (@johanpeitz) to see the latest!

Don't be afraid to say hi,
<3 Johan


I like pixeled graphics and chiptune sound game.
I just released a pico-8 game on Steam!

And More Tools!
[3D modeling tool] [ NEW ]
[Animation tool]
[Music scales and Play the Piano]


I make games and zines on pico-8 That's all.


Music and sound!


iOS developer/graphic artist living and working in Tokyo.
Come and go into Pico-8 as inspiration strikes.
For "relaxing with programming as a hobby" it's proven to be my favorite tool so far.


Making fantasy consoles (Voxatron, PICO-8 and Picotron) and trying to make my way back to userland.


Having fun in Pico 8. Making prototypes in Unity. Working as engine programmer at Dontnod.
@[email protected]
Itch.io page


Long time hobby game developer, Hot Wheels racer and wrestling smark