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Cart #pck404_512px_under_1b-4 | 2021-12-15 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

512px under

Year 4096. A burried building with lasers and traps. How many lives will it take to leave this place ?

  • Jump, wall jump and dodge lasers
  • 18 memory cards to collect
  • 32 rooms to explore (with lasers in them)
  • Auto-save
  • 1 red cube
  • Lots of lasers !


  • Arrows : move
  • V (or X) : jump
  • C (or Z) : grab/drop

Move and jump

Grab and drop

Wall jump


This game is my first Pico-8 game. It is also the first game I manage to finish after a few attempts with game engines such as Unity and Godot. It took me 1 month to complete the first published version. The Pico-8 restrictions allowed me to define a manageable scope for this game. In the end, I used the entire space available in the map editor and the spritesheet editor. The code uses every token allowed.


v1-beta :

  • Update rooms (adjust difficulty on the main path)
  • Fix seconds and frame counters not being properly saved and restored
  • Auto-save state when close to a spawner tile instead of saving when changing room
  • Show which button to press to teleport and decrease button hold duration
  • Increase jump buffer duration and coyote jump duration (grace frames)
  • Decrease walk acceleration to make it easier to move by 1 pixel
  • Increase lamp range
  • Red cube won't spawn if there's no saved data
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