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What games have you had your eye on that you the most ?

This is by no means a complete list or in any any particular order, but these are definitely some games I thoroughly enjoy playing and playing again and will play again even after I have won them.

Wandering Magic - by @Overkill
Carmina - by @makz
A Messenger's Tale - by @JustFire45
Dungeo The Lich Queen - by @nephilim
Of Ineffable Nature - by @Jimmu
Jack Of Spades - by @BoneVolt
Dusk Child - by @SophieHoulden
Mai-Chan's Sweet Buns - by @Krystman
Celeste v0.1.2 - by @noel
Upward - by @matthias
Feed The Ducks - by @kittenm4ster
Just One Boss - by @bridgs
Minima 1.1.1 - by @Feneric
Dank Tomb - by @krajzeg
Alone In Pico - by @NuSan
Swordfish - by @chowyunbrent
Santa's Christmas Run - by @Tassilo
Charge! (LD39) 1.0 - by @DragonXVI
Kelin's Delivery - Rain v1.2.1 - by @NeithR
The Legend Of Bobby 0.7 - by @AbsolutRenal
The Green Legion v1.03 - by @guerragames
Buzzkill 1.4 - by @morningtoast
Eigengrau 0.1 - by @LeDjinn
Puzzle Cave I and II - by @hackefuffel
Tower Noire I - by @Cow

That's a page right there. I'll try to add more later.

How about you ? What are some of your Pico-8 game favorites ?

And what is it in them that makes them so enjoyable to play for you ? This information could and likely will help game developers across the globe - especially if they happen to be YOU. :)

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♥ Proud to be part of it 😁
Personally, I loved:

  • Dank Tomb
  • Celeste
  • Fire & Brimstone 0.94 by @benjamin_soule
  • Chimeras Garden 0.9 also by benjamin_soule
  • War of the Map 0.6 by @Offler
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I haven't had much time to play games lately due to college, so I am not up to date on the newer releases, but here are a few of mine:

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Hey! Thanks for adding my game to your list!
There's a lot of games I didn't play in your lists, I'll check them out!

I fist discovered pico-8 through a TIGSource blog post that mentioned benjamin_soule's carts back in 2015.

Most of my favourite carts are made by him:
Hug Arena - I came back to this cart a lot of times until I was able to finish it
Tower of Archeos - The Steam version is really good too!
Underworld Siege - Played it one day, finished it a bunch of times, still one of my favourites
Fire & Brimstone - Actually skipped the relics after finishing it to see how far I could go. After a lot of levels some spells start to bug and eventually the game crashes. I consider that the true ending :P
Mistigri - a bit too hard for me, I only beat it a few weeks ago by editing the code to give infinite lives ._.

Also the already mentioned:
Krystman's Mai-Chan's Sweet Buns - Polish and visuals are off the charts!
bridgs' Just one boss - Polish is off the the chartest!

Last but not least:
@jonbro's delia mute in grave grotto - while this game is less polished than the games I listed above, it has a very clever and unique mechanic and the difficulty is fairly well balanced. Very cool!

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To answer the question at the end, the thing that makes them enjoyable for me: all of the games I listed have powerups or items to reward you and keep the gameplay fresh from start to finish as the game gets more challenging (except J1B, but seeing the boss' new moves is a reward in itself).

I think most games can be more fun and engaging using this.

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:: Jusiv

My favorite PICO-8 cart has long been Under Construction by glip and @eevee. It's got a really unique and cool atmosphere and world, and the way it re-uses the same map but changes up objectives and the environment between "acts" is very neat.

Some honorable mentions:
The Slow and the Curious by @emu - A ridiculous concept executed beautifully. Also has an excellent soundtrack.
Super Poulet Poulet by Retsyn - A very charming and polished little platformer.
Spiritboard by @capnmarcy - I haven't replayed it in a while but I remember this one was a quite well-done narrative cart.

I don't have a single overarching thing that appeals to me in games, but I enjoy ones with a strong atmosphere or tone and I really like seeing people try inventive or unconventional ideas.

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