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Cart [#47619#] | Copy | Code | 2017-12-22 | Link

Help Santa gather the lost gifts in this fast-paced sidescrolling racer. Get them all and save christmas. Nothing worse than a weeping child lacking its christmas gifts.

Controls: Arrow-Keys and X

Music by @GruberMusic, originally found in "Xmas Sorted" by Paul Nicholas

Game is actually a modification of my game "Rey's Scavenger Run"

P#47620 2017-12-22 10:55


Cart [#47150#] | Copy | Code | 2017-12-06 | Link

Hi, guys.
This is my first PICO8-game, a "The Force Awakens" fan-project:
You play Rey on her speeder and have to pick up electronic gargabe while avoiding vehicles in your way.
Outstanding Pico-8 adaption of Rey's Theme by Chris D. (@gruber_music).

I am looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.

Version history:

v1.21: Final version with some minor tweaks and fixes
v1.20: Fullscreen, full-color title; enhanced UI; additional parallax layer with vaporizers
v1.10: Now using 60fps mode; corrected movement of Redeyes corrected; slightly enhanced titlescreen
v1.00: Updated and enhanced music by Chris D.; some new SFX by Chris D.; enhanced instructions screen
v0.93: Added a new parallax layer (clouds); minor graphical improvements
v0.92: Fixed a bug not saving highscore-slot #1
v0.91: Made the initialization of highscores webcompatible.
v0.90: Music by Chris D.; saving highscores (probably only working locally, not on the web)
v0.81: Fixed messed up logo
v0.80: Added saved Highscores; enhanced title screen
v0.60: Squeezed a little more space out of the sprite sheet to add vaporizers and a new obstacle
v0.55: Fixed a nasty bug, not deleting enemies off screen and colliding with them on the very left edge
Synced speed of junk to the ground
v0.52: Made smoketrail stay in front of junk and enemies
v0.51: Tiny improvements to the smoketrail
v0.5: Added a nifty smoke-trail to the vehicle. Kudos to Mozz http://mozz.itch.io/
v0.45: Fixed a bug offering unlimited lives if you made over 30 pieces of junk
v0.44: Changed "Continue"-key to "X"
v0.43: Added some sounds
v0.42: Fixed a bug not counting score correctly in some cases
v0.41: Fixed a bug ending the game too soon
Driving backwards is faster now than forwards
Improved Game Over screen
v0.4: Added obstacles
Added junk
Added Game Over screen
Added Instructions screen
Added Scoring screen
Improved graphics
v0.3: Added diagonal movement
v0.2: Added titlescreen
v0.1: Initial upload

star wars pixel art rey shmup scroller parallax scifi runner endless
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