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Your mission is to penetrate the enemies secret lair buried fathoms deep inside an active volcano and retrieve the stolen plans. Collect USB drives of enemy secrets for bonus points on each level.

Your agent is armed with only his glide suit and his wits in this hardcore platformer.

Arrow Keys or D-PAD to move.
Z or B button to Jump - press again to glide slowly.
While gliding, press X/A button or press Up to boost briefly upwards.

Get to the bottom of each level to get to the next.

Good luck! Feedback welcome.

A game save and resume/continue feature has been added. It now saves after every death and every level you pass, so it allows you to resume from right where you left off.

. .

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Escape 2099 is a procedurally generated twin stick arena shooter for one or two players.

The year is 2099, and humans have begun settling the stars with the use of generation ships and autonomous robot crews. It seems however your robot crew has other ideas...


Standard D-PAD/direction keys to move, and the two buttons to change shooting direction. Hold them both to shoot down, and a single one to shoot left or right. It includes a control screen where you can easily invert the shooting buttons to avoid remapping with SDL on game pads and joysticks.

Survive and escape Deck 5 to win the game.

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rogue shooter
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Battle your computer opponent to the death. Build and upgrade your defences, attack enemy towers and explore the procedurally generated world. Win by defeating all enemy towers.

Your minions harvest wood. Use this to build new towers or upgrade existing ones.
Select your tower once warriors are present and target an enemy tower to attack.

A button/Z key - build or select
B button/X key - cancel command, or if on your own tower upgrade it.
A button - double click on tower - transfer warriors from one tower to another

Note once you've selected towers the cursor goes red, this means you must select either enemy towers to attack or your own towers to get more warriors involved or to transfer. Click the X key (B button) to cancel out, and be able to build again (notice cursor goes yellow).


To build a new tower - move the cursor using the D-Pad or arrow keys to the location you like- ideally near a forest and press the A button (z key). You can only build bases on green grass land. Note the grey fog of war will disappear revealing more of the map as you build out towers and as your minions roam further.

Two minions spawn per base and will chop down trees and bring it back to it's home tower. If this tower is destroyed, the minions die as well.

Each tower will produce 1 warrior per wood contained directly in the tower. Move your cursor over your tower to see it's statistics. When you first build a tower, it starts at level 1 and can house only 4 warriors. You can upgrade a tower (if you have enough wood - 4 to get to level 2, and then 8 to get to level 3) by moving the cursor to the tower and pressing the B button (X key). While upgrading you can't attack from the base and new warriors won't spawn. However upgraded towers can hold more wood, and spawn more warriors.

To attack the enemy, select a tower with the cursor and press the A button (Z key). The cursor will turn red. You may now select an enemy tower to send half your warriors. Press the button repeatedly to send more warriors - it will always leave 1 back at the home tower. Note you can select multiple towers to send minions from. So select your source towers first (where the warriors will come from), then select the single enemy target.

Also you can transfer warriors from one tower to another. To transfer, select one of your bases with lots of warriors then select a tower with room to spare for more warriors, and double click the A button (Z key) on the destination tower. This will transfer half- double click again to transfer more.

You win by defeating all enemy towers.

Updates Jan 5-2017

  1. Changed computer/AI opponent to also use fog of war rules.
  2. Adjusted AI logic to not build it's own towers so close together
  3. Adjusted AI to attack from multiple towers more often when it outnumbers you substantially. Less stalemate outcomes arise then.
  4. Made it visible which towers had been selected when transferring warriors or attacking.

Updates Jan 4-2017

  1. Fixed fog bug (was off by 4 pixels)

Updates Jan 2-2017

  1. Path finding (uses A* algorithm, so no more lost minions)
  2. Improved fog/visuals - thanks to Offler for the pretty fog
  3. Hard mode is much harder now
  4. Computer will attack in a wider radius if there is not activity for extended periods

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rts strategy tower defense resource
P#34537 2016-12-30 15:59


Cart [#30809#] | Copy | Code | 2016-10-12 | Link

Tuned difficulty slightly- added a short stinger at level start. Start with an extra life, and quicker to get free lives.

Cart [#30798#] | Copy | Code | 2016-10-12 | Link

Add two new enemies. Tentacle enemy shows up in level 6 and above. And a new boss in level 10. Also now up arrow works for jump as well as Z.

Cart [#30626#] | Copy | Code | 2016-10-11 | Link

Added a gun (shows up level 4 or later) - gives you three shots until it runs out.

Cart [#30620#] | Copy | Code | 2016-10-11 | Link

Major update. Intro screen. New level. Perfect bonus for not missing ROMs.

Cart [#30599#] | Copy | Code | 2016-10-10 | Link

Help the professor escape the Alien lab. Collect the ROMs and avoid the strange devices. Free life at 750, 1500, and doubles from there.

Four levels, then they repeat, speeding up.

Z to jump.

Left and right arrow to move.

Thanks to Johan Vinet (http://johanvinet.tumblr.com/post/127476776680/here-are-100-characters-8x8-pixels-using-the) for some of the great pixel art (character and the alien in the vat).

P#30600 2016-10-10 21:46


Cart [#30533#] | Copy | Code | 2016-10-10 | Link

Improved collision detection with enemies- now uses standard bounding rect (as opposed to a single pixel check)

Super PICO Runner Brothers allows you to play as four familiar characters and complete a single stage runner competing for a high score. Complete the level, gain points, and repeat at faster speeds.

This started as a quick experiment with PICO-8, thanks to the fanzine, second edition where you'll see the art I used for the game characters.

Press left and right arrows to select your character, and Z or the fire button to start. Then when playing using left and run to speed up and slow down, and either up or fire to jump. Hold for longer jumps.

Good luck, I've only made it half-way through level 2 myself, but I expect it should be reasonable to make it through well into level 3 or 4 where the speeds probably become prohibitive beyond that.

P#30095 2016-10-05 19:59

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