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Here's an example project that shows how to use verlet physics in your projects. I'm still reading up on the subject, so this is really just a fancy demo at the moment. I'm going to add in edges and then try and figure out how to control objects with forces or impulses.

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Hello everybody! I normally use Gamemaker Studio but my graphics card crapped out on me and I only have a Linux laptop as a backup which Gamemaker Studio doesn't run on. Fortunately, Pico-8 does run on Linux! I've owned Pico-8 for a while but never really used it so I figured this was a better time than any and I'm pretty glad I did now. This program has really made me appreciate the Lua programming language. It's super simple to use and learn. Over the past few days I put together a simple starter project that lets you not worry about the boring stuff and just jump straight into making your game. The only thing I didn't write myself is the insert function which is edited from Adam Scott's "Missing Built-ins" extension.

-Sprite animations
-Sprite origins
-Automatic depth sorting
-Mouse support

-Integrate map editor
-Collision system
-more to come? we'll see.

Online Demo

I tried to add a cart to this test so you could check it out but it only works when I first upload and preview it. Once I hit submit, something goes wrong and it fails to load the cart. If anybody could help me understand why, I would appreciate it.

I made a github page to see the demo without any mouse issues.

P#39529 2017-04-11 01:36 ( Edited 2017-04-12 23:30)