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"Dungeo" is an homage to the old RPG "Bard's Tale". The lich queen is threatening the lands, and it's up to four brave souls - a soldier, a rogue, a priest, and a mage - to venture into her domain and put an end to her machinations!

Menus can be navigated with the arrow keys and the action buttons (z/x).

Move around in the maze using the arrow keys.

In the town, there are several services available:

  • The blacksmith can upgrade your equipment for a price.
  • You can rest at the inn to restore your health points and magic points.
  • The temple can cure status ailments like being poisoned. They can also resurrect dead characters.
  • At the tavern, you can reminisce and reflect on your adventures, perhaps allowing you to improve your skills. This also saves your game.

Once in the dungeon, you can wander around and fight things. You gain experience fighting creatures, and when you get enough experience you can level up at the tavern. When you gain a level, you can increase one of your attributes:

  • Muscle - Do more damage in battle
  • Smarts - Spells do more damage
  • Agility - Better able to defend
  • Grit - More hit points

Your goal is to make it down to the bottom level and kill the lich queen. If you do, you win. But be warned - she is very tough! Make sure you level up a LOT before you take her on.

Version history
1.4 - Fixed issue with displaying armor and weapon in hero stats before upgrades.
1.3 - Fixed error in title screen. New end game sequences.
1.2 - Rewritten base code to make more room for new spells. Bug fixes. New title screen with some instructions.
1.1 - Improved performance on map drawing. Can now drink from fountains. New spells. New UI features.
1.0 - Initial release

P#60841 2019-01-15 08:17 ( Edited 2019-01-22 07:21)

Updated Version with some bug fixes, quality-of-life improvements, and a new "victory point" mechanic. You can now buy laurel slots from the merchant which will give you 1, 2, or 3 victory points to add to your score if you manage to kill the dragon.

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A dragon has been terrorizing the kingdom! Will you be the one to slay it?

In this "slot-builder" game, you spin the slot wheels and choose a row.

You can then use the icons on the row in whatever order you please. Coins can be picked up and used with a merchant to buy new spaces on your wheels. The merchant will sell you bigger and better coin choices, wizards that can destroy slot wheel spaces (but not the dragon!), furnaces and metal for forging swords, and even completed swords.

But watch out! When you select a row with a dragon icon, it will breathe fire on you, and you will lose health. Run out of health, and it's game over! Use your swords to destroy all the dragon icons on all wheels to win the game.

(Older version: 1.0)

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