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Made for the 114th one hour game jam, themed "The Midas Touch": http://onehourgamejam.com/

So here is "Midas Dog", my 1st game jam ever. 1 hour is short... but probably longer than your playing time :)

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There's already a tweetjam thread, but how about a movie focused tweetjam thread? That's twice the fun :

  • viewers have fun guessing the movies
  • coders have fun figuring how to suggest a movie in a 140 chars max program

Besides the 140 chars limit, the only other obvious restriction is that it must be about movies, or TV series, cartoons, animes, etc. To make it short: if you can find it on imdb, there it goes. Beyond that, you are absolutely free to do what you want. Making something animated or not. Give clues or not. Hide the answer, give a link to the imdb page for people to check their guess without spoiling the title, or even clearly give the name if you don't want people to guess. You can make something new or an already submitted movie. Anything.

When putting then on Twitter we should use both #movie and #tweetjam tags. Currently, used at once they return no results, so we can make the pair our own while still being part of the global #tweetjam.

One last note:
Viewers can already see our code with the "code" button under the program frame, so there's no need adding it in text area. Let's keep this a visual thread.

Let's begin!

Here we go with 2 movies from the same guy:

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Here is a function I made that is small and simple but may be useful to everyone. It launches a bunch of functions you've set, checking how many times each can be called in a frame and print sorted results so that the quickest function shows first. So, tailor made for optimisation or just know which is the fastest of many functions achieving the same goal. For example I needed to answer this agonizing question: when drawing a single big "+" sign, is it better to use 2 rectfills but draw twice the center zone, or to draw 3 rectfills (middle bar, plus left and right bars) so that no pixel is drawn twice? Now I'm ready and prepared to meet the Sphinx.

The running example here shows what is the fastest way to clear a screen between a cls or a rectfill (well, I made the wrong choice for months!) Just for fun I added clearing the screen with a bunch of lines and even psets. Surprisingly, lines are not that a bad choice against cls. Maybe there are more efficient ways I don't know, with peek or so. With this function they're easy to test.

The use and process are simple, the code above should be clear enough. If not, just declare an array containing your functions to test, each as an object with 2 properties :

  • name: used for showing results
  • f: your function

Then in _update (or _update60 if you want to get results every 1/60 second) call stat1comparator() with your functions array as argument. stat1comparator will then launch each function as many times it is possible before going beyond one frame and show results once it's done. For precision results also show how many iteration were called before going outside of the frame, and what were the precise time needed (with the limit of Pico float precision). The ratio iterations/time is used to sort the list. Just be aware that to get consistent results stat1comparator needs entire frames, so don't call it after any other processing.

And for the "+" enigma answer, I let you find by yourself :).

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optimisation stat tool
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