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Cart #wobozotowa-0 | 2022-04-29 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Tagged as work in progress.

Press C to shoot
Press X to hyperspace (move to random X location)


  • Green ball - dual lasers
  • Blue ball - drone


  • Small, big spinners - will destroy your ship if hits the ground
  • Ufo - will shoot at your ship, look out

Asteroids, there's lots of them, shoot them down and rack up your score. If they land, they will take some score away!

Somewhat of a Demake of Astrosmash. Let me know what you think.

Planning on adding a level system, more powerups, highscores, better sfx and gfx. Will attempt sprite rotations, but we'll see how that goes :)

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Cart #dreadnaught-1 | 2022-01-02 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Hit X to start, and X again to engage with a Dreadnaught.

In game,
Up, Down, Left, Right - to navigate the Hyperfighter
X to shoot lazors
Z to drop bombs

This is a 'demake' of the Dreadnaught Factor, as I remember it from the Intellivision days.
The Dreadnaughts are a threat to your home planet Terra, and you need to destroy them before they reach the stargate. If they do, they will destroy the planet (oh noes).

The goal is to destroy the Dreadnaughts by bombing the vents, each Dreadnaught has 16. Once destroyed, you move on to the next Dreadnaught.

Tip: Destroy the engines, to slow down the progress of the Dreadnaughts.
Tip: Destroy the towers to reduce the rate of fire by the Dreadnaughts.

Keep in mind this is a work in progress. Updates to come, comments welcome. Thanks!

P#104061 2022-01-02 00:53

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Cart #mseddowu-0 | 2022-03-27 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Hello fellow Pico-8 fans

It's still a work in progress, but thought folks could check it out and have more fun. Thanks to @Krystman and LazyDevs for getting me up to speed with Pico-8. More acknowledgements below. But thought I'd start out with some early thanks :)

How to play the game

X - Launch Ball
C - Launch Bomb (need to gain them with bomb powerup)
Left - Move Paddle Left
Right - Move Paddle Right

When in the Piconoid start screen
Left - Show Highscores
Right - Hide Highscores
Up/Down - Level select (I opted to add this feature to have fun with the different levels)

Goal is to hit the bricks, and clear them all before advancing to the next level. There are 9 levels (more to come).


The original power ups from breakout hero are there AND I added a few more power ups.

New Powerups...

Lazor - Hit Z to shoot!
Multipaddle - A new paddle will appear on top of the existing one
Bomb - Hit Z to send off a bomb vertically. These can destroy invincible bricks
Bomb ball - changes bricks into exploding bricks
Powerup ball - changes bricks into powerup bricks

There are four backgrounds


New Update

  • Highscores
  • New Powerup - Powerup Ball - changes bricks into powerup bricks
  • Updated/New Levels - Jelpi, Pico8s, Maze, Core, Metroid, Buttonz, Heart, Evil Eye, Facey
  • Updates to the graphics and soundfx
  • Fixed bugs

Another Update

  • Added banana power up... my daughter's idea :)
    • Makes the ball go faster and unpredictable angles
  • Added paddle ram check
  • Added clip so that you can see the ball behind sash
  • Level select menu on start screen

Finally, again a HUGE thanks to LazyDevs for putting out the Breakout Hero tutorials. I wouldn't have made it this far this quickly without them. And Huge thanks to the community for a whole lot of other tips and tricks.

Any feedback and comments about the game, gameplay, the code, etc... would be great.

Enjoy : )

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