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Currently ctrl+Tab switches to right tab, and ctrl+shift+Tab to left tab. There's no way to switch between recently used tabs, which would be very useful on projects over 2 or 3 tabs. For now the only way to achieve this is to continuously grab the mouse, which is quite annoying. I suggest that:

  • that current behaviour is moved to ctrl+PageUp & ctrl+PageDown to go respectively to left & right tab;
  • ctrl+Tab now switches to previously used tab. In fact it should behave like ctrl+Tab in VScode and NetBeans or like alt+Tab in Windows. Ctrl+Tab brings a small window with a list of tabs sorted by history: the top one is the current tab, the one under is the last used tab and is the one selected, the next one is the next that was used, and so on. That list shows as long as ctrl is pressed. A new press on Tab goes down to select the next label; shift+Tab goes up. As soon as the ctrl key is unpressed, the list closes and editor switches to selected tab.

As a bonus, or maybe an easier replacement for a way to switch between recently used tabs: being able to rearrange tabs by drag & dropping then.

That would greatly improve the experience and fun of creating games in Pico-8 editor.

P#92492 2021-05-24 10:49 ( Edited 2021-05-24 10:51)

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