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Cart #nemosnake-1 | 2021-04-08 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Nemo's Snake!

A colorful snake clone.
This is my first game, feedback is welcome!
This game started as a simple snake clone I made in a day. I kept adding features until I ran out of tokens


Dynamic Colors and Music

With the Dynamic skin set, The color of the fruit you eat will be the color of the segment that is added to your snake.
With the music turned on, the music will get more intense as you get closer to the highscore.
(shoutout to Dev Quest on youtube for the dynamic music tutorial)

Juicy Menu

The base game of snake doesn't take many tokens, so I spent most of the rest on a fancy menu system.
The options and settings changed in the menus save to the cart.
You can change the menu color in the options menu.

4 Player Multiplayer

An up to 4 player multiplayer mode is available, however if the number of players is above 2, then controllers are necessary. I have not tested this mode very well yet, but It should work I think. At least the lobby is cool.

Highscore/Freeplay Modes

There is both a highscore and freeplay mode. The freeplay mode allows you to customize some settings and change your snakes skin, however freeplay will not put you on the highscore board. To compete for the highscore, press (x) on the highscore board.
If you get a highscore, you get to see fireworks that almost lag the game.

And More!!

update v1.1:
-Fixed freeplay final score
-changed main menu header

Can you get a highscore of over 9,000?

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