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Cart #logicraft-1 | 2023-06-30 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Here is my entry to the Thinky Puzzle Game Jam 3 https://itch.io/jam/thinky-puzzle-game-jam-3

Logicraft is a linear puzzle game about surprising crafting mechanics.
The game can be played with a mouse or using standard Pico-8 controls.
Let me know what you think!

P#131504 2023-06-30 20:56

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Cart #beet_em_up-0 | 2023-02-05 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Beet 'em Up is an arcade style high-score chaser about throwing beets at your enemies!

This game was made in just a few hours for the Global Game Jam 2022. There is a lot of polish I wish I could have added (like actual animations) but I'll have to come back and add those later. For now I'm happy to have a finished product that I find quite fun :) Hope you enjoy it as well!

P#125384 2023-02-05 23:01 ( Edited 2023-02-05 23:04)

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Cart #fourelements-3 | 2022-03-12 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License


Play as Empedocles, master of the four elements, as he defeats foes and climbs to the top of Tower Etna! Collect and craft potions that transform you into the different elements, and bend the laws of nature to your will!

Made over three days during the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge.


This chart, known as the 'Laws of Nature,' describes how much health will be gained or lost by a character in each elemental reaction. In this example, when YELLOW interacts with BLUE or vice versa, BLUE gets +1 health and YELLOW does not gain or lose health.

In this example, when YELLOW interacts with GREEN or vice versa, YELLOW gets +1 health and GREEN gets -1 health.


When you combine two potions, they become the next potion in the circle, moving clockwise. In this example, YELLOW + RED = GREEN and RED + GREEN = BLUE etc.

If you combine two potions diagonally, they also continue clockwise, with the diagonal arrow being drawn from left to right, then moving clockwise along the circle. So, in this example: YELLOW + GREEN + BLUE and BLUE + RED + GREEN.


Collecting orbs allows you to change the laws of nature. Grabbing an orb will change what happens to the orb's color when it interacts with your player's current color. So in this example, grabbing the orb will make subtract one from GREEN's interaction with BLUE, making the above number -2.

That's all you need to know to play the game. Hope you have fun!

p.s. If you pass floor 44, post a screenshot in the comments, I don't think anyone has beaten the game, and you could be the first!

P#108233 2022-03-08 03:41 ( Edited 2022-03-12 04:42)

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Cart #flipthepage-0 | 2022-01-24 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

My entry for the Global Game Jam 2022. Use the mind-bending mechanics of walking around paper to help the stick man push pieces of the picture back together.

P#105558 2022-01-24 05:18

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Cart #set_resolution-1 | 2021-12-23 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

PICO-8's resolution can easily be lowered to 64x64 with:
but it's always bothered me that you can't set the resolution to other factors of 128. So, I made this function that allows you to scale up whatever is currently drawn to the screen to any factor of 128 excluding 1 (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128). The performance for 64x64 is pretty awful, so you're better off using poke(0x5f2c,3) if that's the resolution you're after. The others perform fairly well, with 32x32 using about <12% CPU and everything below it using <3%. One advantage of using this function is that after scaling down the currently drawn screen, you're free to draw over top it in full resolution, as demonstrated by the CPU performance text. I'm sure the performance can be improved somehow. I think this may be possible using memset, but I don't understand how to apply it to this case, or if it would even improve performance. If anyone has any optimizations, feel free to reply and I'll update the cart. Hope someone finds this useful!

P#103378 2021-12-23 01:19

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Cart #tweetgario-0 | 2021-11-23 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

My entry for the TweetTweet Jam, a demake of the browser game Agario that fits in two tweets! Use the arrow keys to move the center dot. Touch smaller dots to eat them and become larger, but slower, and don't get eaten yourself. Source code below, just copy/paste into your PICO-8 code editor and the game will run.

z=(b\2%2-b%2)/p[1].s*3w=(b\8%2-b\4%2)/p[1].s*3if(p[1].x==0)x-=z y-=w
for n in a(p)do if(n.s>l)run()
if n!=p[1]then if n.s==9then
n.x=c*l n.y=v*l end
while n.t==nil do
for m in a(p)do
t=r(2)<1if(t and m!=n)n.t=m end end
circfill(n.x+l,n.y+l,n.s,8)for m in a(p)do
if(sqrt((m.x-n.x)*(m.x-n.x)+(m.y-n.y)*(m.y-n.y))<n.s+m.s and m.s>n.s)m.s+=n.s n.t=nil del(p,n)end
flip()goto _
P#100660 2021-11-23 04:59

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Cart #connectorz-0 | 2021-06-13 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

CONNECTORZ is a platformer about joining blocks together to become taller and more powerful.

Connectorz is my first completed PICO-8 cart, as well as a submission to the GMTK Game Jam 2021. The theme: joined together. My friend Nick, who does not have an account on the BBS I can link to, created the sprites for the game, while I did the programming and sound. The game is short, only one map-width long, and lacks polish, but it conveys the concept well enough. Let me know what you think. I learned a lot about working with PICO-8 during the jam, and I plan to release more carts in the future. :)

P#93405 2021-06-13 06:31 ( Edited 2021-06-13 06:31)

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