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I'm an artist hoping to get into game design as well. I'll post some games as soon as I can figure out how Lua works...

Instagram: @isaiahtheartguy https://www.instagram.com/isaiahtheartguy/


EDIT: Ok I finally put the image in, it was in the wrong format for Lexaloffle... if anyone happens to be back on this post after all this time, hello, please enjoy my art :)

Here's a drawing I made of Lani from Celeste Classic 2 (or at least my interpretation of her from the 45 pixels I had to work with lol).

I love this game so much, it marvelously builds off of Celeste Classic's tight controls and tough platforming to create something totally new and exciting. It's simple at first but offers so much depth later on, just like the other two iterations of Celeste. And the music is incredible as well (as expected from Lena Raine). I know I'll be replaying this endlessly to try to speedrun it just like I did with Celeste and Celeste Classic. Congrats on Celeste's 3 year anniversary! @noel

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