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Game Developer @ Snoozy Kazoo

I also make a lot of solo projects you can find on itch, newgrounds, and various other places :)


Hi I like audio synthesis and making games, Trying to learn and get better one cart at a time.


A guy passionate about computers and making games.


A fella that does stuff and uh, yeah


Making fantasy consoles (Voxatron, PICO-8 and Picotron) and trying to make my way back to userland.


Old enough to have known the golden age of Amstrad and Amiga ;)
Still own a few Tilt and Joystick magazine (yeah, I am french).
Professional software architect, hobbyist gamedev.

Game & experiments repo: https://github.com/freds72

Twitter account: https://twitter.com/FSouchu


Greetings Pico-8!
I am Simon, but more well known as Scrub, or ScrubSandwich.
As of now I make little programs and music demos sometimes. I want to to make a lot more so
don't touch that dial and stay tuned!


sometimes, when i'm in the right mood, i make video games and art. or something.


Music and sound!


Hey, I'm Czarlo and I like to make games under retro limitations. Such as limiting the colors, a sprite, or making games only in 128x128 pixels! (Like PICO-8!) So I'm joining PICO-8 to create some simple, but amazing games for it.


yes hello, i was wondering if you could play that song again


I like pixeled graphics and chiptune sound game.
I just released a pico-8 game on Steam!

And More Tools!
[Animation tool]
[Music scales and Play the Piano]

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