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Cart #lab_cat-5 | 2023-11-27 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Welcome to the Laboratory!

You are a test subject in an experiment involving the effect of puzzles on the feline brain.

Procedure 1: All boxes need to be relocated to their designated sensors.

Procedure 2: Portals have been placed for your convenience. Use them wisely.

Procedure 3: Portals are not always stationary; they can also exist on boxes.


Arrow Keys - Move
C - Select
X - Undo
Enter - Pause Menu


  • Coding, art, levels:
  • Ideas and moral support:
  • Playtesting
    Aidan Southam
    And more!
  • Sprite help
  • Inspiration
  • Music
  • Label Image Art
  • Guest levels

About Lab Cat

This is probably the longest amount of time I've ever put into making a game (almost 10 months, although I didn't work on it much over the summer), and even before that, I was developing the idea. I'm very passionate about this game, but I think it's finally finished. Also, Lab Cat wouldn't be the same without my amazing friends who made music, art, and pointed out each and every bug they found.

Tokens: 8188/8192
Characters: 49889/65535
Sprites: 254/255
Map: All of it
Sounds: 48/64
Music: 44/64

I hope you enjoy it!

Play it on itch.io instead: https://ooooggll.itch.io/lab-cat



  • Fixed "it's shtuck" achievement not awarding correctly


  • Added a setting to change the move delay to behave more similar to btnp for a better (?) mobile experience
  • Added descriptions to all settings


  • Fixed a bug where barriers' powered state was not restored correctly when undoing
  • Changed the laser box in Level 22 to a wall-mounted laser to prevent an unintended solution


  • Fixed a bug allowing the player to phase through walls when undoing to the starting point
  • Fixed a bug where the menu music continued to play when entering level 1 from the level select menu
P#136390 2023-10-25 21:29 ( Edited 2023-11-27 01:32)


This is great, well done! I'm stuck on level 9, but my feline brain will work it out eventually.

P#136396 2023-10-25 22:19

Great game, trial 15 is very clever.

P#136399 2023-10-25 22:48

First of all great game, and a nice base mechanic of boxes and portals.
SECOND OF ALL, achievements are cool
this is my best time so far:

9/10 game, can not for the life of me get under 10 minutes, let alone 9.

also, if you hold down undo for long enough, and keep it held down, you can go through walls :3
EDIT: image of it: (I'm at the bottom)

P#136402 2023-10-25 23:11 ( Edited 2023-10-25 23:14)

@Dando_ Glad you like it :) My friend noticed that bug directly after release and I'm trying to get it fixed right now.

Edit: Fixed in v1.1!

P#136403 2023-10-25 23:22 ( Edited 2023-10-25 23:34)

It's a very challenging game!
Intelligent level design.

P#136462 2023-10-27 02:09

Some reeeeally nice puzzles in here! Excellent balance!

P#136495 2023-10-27 14:13

Awesome Sokoban implementation!
Is those "return to starting point" mechanic used in puzzles later or added just for fun and atmosphere?

P#136526 2023-10-28 09:58

@maleficmax For the most part, it's pretty easy to return to the starting point, but there are a couple puzzles that make it a bit trickier.

P#136531 2023-10-28 11:56 ( Edited 2023-10-28 19:39)

Fun little game, love the cat theming.

P#136915 2023-11-04 17:32

Fun game. Would recommend. Love the level design and mechanics.

Some of the levels are quite challenging and the theme, etc. is great. It's actually the first pico-8 game i've really got hooked on. I'm finding myself playing it on my Anbernic RG353V the whole time when I have a few minutes here and there to spare.

Things I appreciate too are:

  • The ability to skip on levels to get back to where I was if I quit.
  • The speed run achievement too. It really adds some replayability to the game.

Just finished all levels. Had to skip 26 and go back to it when finished. Overall game was fun. Easy to pick up when you have a few min here and there. Can see influence of Portal here 😁.


P#137343 2023-11-12 23:49 ( Edited 2023-11-12 23:54)

Wow!! I saw a cute cat in the "new" section of splore, and I could not imagine I would find a game soooo good! My kudos, it's genius. Stray meets Portal meets Baba is you meets Superliminal in a retro environment. It should definitely appear on the "Featured" section.

P#137345 2023-11-13 01:15

I love this one.

P#137362 2023-11-13 11:20

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