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I started getting a weird error with my recent upload to the BBS, which seems to be related to the version bump in the html player from 0.2.1b to 0.2.1c dev - it throws a syntax error about an incomplete string that is indeed complete in the code :/

Cart #startrax_02-6 | 2020-07-29 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

P#80073 2020-07-29 07:00

Cart #startrax_02-6 | 2020-07-29 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

28.07.2020: Added a title screen with a WIP version of the original main theme

26.07.2020: Added background images and a nice little color lookup shadow :D
Also, added one of the lose conditions (falling off-track) and fading out/in on entry

I'm uploading the current (5-year-old) version of Startrax, an itty bitty Skyroads clone, to make it available for reference (and to make me get over my laziness and properly update it!)
Here's a tweet from when I started making this game: tweet

Currently there's no win conditions, and just one single (debug) track - working on some more stuff to come! '^^


  • Left/Right: move ship across the track
  • Up/Down: accelerate/decelerate ship
  • Z: jump!

I'm using a few bits of code and tools from other posts here in the BBS, like:

P#79923 2020-07-25 16:44 ( Edited 2020-07-29 20:48)

Cart #zkomijg-0 | 2019-11-30 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

A Discs Of Tron demake (in progress - this cart has been gathering dust for a while - since 2016 at least)

P#70410 2019-11-30 21:31 ( Edited 2019-11-30 21:31)

Cart #trijjip-0 | 2019-11-30 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Hi! This is a racing game thingy I'd started for the jam (though I'm now thinking of expanding it to something else). It uses sprite scaling for everything, and renders the road almost like the Power Drift arcade from SEGA.

For now there's not much to it, I just implemented some of the "driving" stuff, but I'm planning on making it something like an "endless racer" - the road being generated on-the-fly with objects and all, I can see some ways to go along.

One of the ways I'm thinking of doing is something like a time-attack thing with random handicaps, I'll probably be trying this first, gameplay-wise.


Update (0.4.0)

Added a title screen! And fixed a few things with collision (though it's not there yet '^^) including adding a "hit" SFX
I've been sitting on this update for a year or more, though.

Update (0.3.0)

Fiddled around with values for acceleration and braking, started doing collision stuff (rocks stop the car dead on it's tracks, borders make the car stay inside bounds, brake the car a little and mess up with acceleration while the car is on "grass"

P#17139 2015-11-28 18:31 ( Edited 2019-11-30 21:19)

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