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Cart #pico_arcade-2 | 2020-02-12 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License


Pico Arcade is a game launcher that launches 36 arcade-style games from great cartmakers!

Use left and right arrows to go through the carts.

Press X to launch the cart!

You can get back to the Arcade from the Pause Menu.

Have fun!

MUSIC: Gruber

P.S. If you have other favorite high-quality, arcade-style Pico-8 games, let me know! I can publish another showcase in the future.

P#72470 2020-01-30 19:45 ( Edited 2020-02-12 21:33)


Great idea, @thattomhall
I love how you made special icons for each game - really ties it all in nicely.
I can see this being a popular idea! 😁

P#72472 2020-01-30 19:58

put hungry harry 3D, cosmo boing deluxe and omega zone

P#72474 2020-01-30 20:09

Thanks for the first two -- Omega Zone is in there!

P#72475 2020-01-30 20:15

really great idea!
thanks for including shpm2k :)

those great classic remakes came to my mind:
Invader Overload
Mystic Realm Dizzy
Sewers of d'Oh! <- shameless plug there, sorry ;)

P#72529 2020-01-31 20:55

Mistigri is probably my favorite arcade cart on the site.
I'd be flattered if Heat Death made the cut, although I do concede it feels more like a console port of an arcade game.
Maybe Combo Pool!

P#72531 2020-01-31 21:21 ( Edited 2020-02-01 21:07)

Thanks, @ultrabrite and @gate88 , I’ll check these out!

P#72535 2020-01-31 21:37

Launcher updated with those, plus Frogger, for 30 ARCADE GAMES! WOOOO!

P#72628 2020-02-02 21:29

Oh no it's dizzy

P#72638 2020-02-02 23:49

One that would be awesome will be if the border was there during gameplay

P#72639 2020-02-02 23:50

Actually Minsoft makes really fun arcade feeling games, should check them out

P#72640 2020-02-02 23:52

If only Virtua racing by freds72 was in cartridge format...

P#72641 2020-02-02 23:54

Minsoft has a game in the launcher

P#72643 2020-02-03 00:57

Here's Worm Nom Nom.

P#72653 2020-02-03 07:51

One thing that would be awesome will be if the border was there during gameplay and that it would reproduce your inputs

P#72658 2020-02-03 15:15

That would be cool, but since the carts weren’t made for this launcher, impossible. I made all the parts so your inputs while selecting would work but the “test anim” felt more active so I just used it. :)

P#72661 2020-02-03 15:58

Thanks for suggesting one of mine Dogerizer, and thanks thattomhall for including Cosmo Boing Deluxe.

I did a remake(ish) of the arcade game Tunnel Hunt as well:


Also, not by me but this is a nice Missile Command style game:


P#72666 2020-02-03 19:20

Nice! If I make another, will add!

P#72672 2020-02-03 20:21

No thank you for making amazing games, Minsoft. What's next?

P#72704 2020-02-04 00:03 ( Edited 2020-02-04 00:07)

Actually @thattomhall would it be possible to make another one after where you actually travel around an arcade, but would instead feature Pico-8 classics that would not necessarily be arcade style

P#72705 2020-02-04 00:08 ( Edited 2020-02-04 01:15)

Loose gravel would be cool in the collection

P#72707 2020-02-04 01:14

Thanks for the compliment! I did start a new game a while back...another one based on an arcade classic. I haven't worked on it for a while so need to get back to it!

P#72885 2020-02-07 19:24

Updated with SIX MORE ARCADE GAMES! Thanks for the suggestions folks!

P#73033 2020-02-12 21:33

Really didn't expect Tetyis to make the cut, awesome! Really fantastic collection, too!

P#73106 2020-02-14 22:05

Thanks much! Hopefully it helps people find these games easier!

P#73109 2020-02-14 22:18

put in lets karate

P#73474 2020-02-26 14:52

This is awesome :)
Feel free to use my Asteroids clone if you think it fits.


P#73492 2020-02-27 00:13

I'm famous

P#73868 2020-03-13 03:43

That's cool! How did you load the carts in the cart?
here is my attempt here.

P#74978 2020-04-19 15:33

@CandyColt_Games Thanks! I used the LOAD command, with “Back to Arcade” parameter after cart name.

P#74986 2020-04-19 16:54

OMG, i love it!

P#84323 2020-11-16 18:48

Thanks much!

P#84325 2020-11-16 19:13

Aw thanks! Gotta update with some new carts!

P#88701 2021-03-09 01:44

hey, have you thought ove putting this on www.itch.io?
it would be very popular there too!

P#90418 2021-04-12 20:02

Thanks for the comment. I don’t think carts can LOAD from another site — only works on the BBS. Otherwise I would for sure!

P#90419 2021-04-12 20:06 ( Edited 2021-05-30 18:18)

Thanks! Kudos to all the cart makers!

P#92815 2021-05-30 18:17

If you ever do any update @thattomhall, I think my game Talos Descent would be a good fit. Very arcade-like, pick up and play, high score chasing, action!

Wave Race Legend as well, maybe?

Cart #34014 | 2016-12-23 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

P#93986 2021-06-24 18:43

Thanks @mhughson, definitely want to update it someday in the future when I get a patch of free time!

P#93987 2021-06-24 18:59

Celeste classic 2 is out! it would be great to have both games in this collecton:https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=41282

P#94340 2021-07-02 15:12

Thanks for the idea and link! @Willo99 !

P#94344 2021-07-02 16:24
P#94414 2021-07-03 17:41

This is such a good Idea !!!

P#97071 2021-09-08 19:42


P#97075 2021-09-08 20:40

this feels like an arcade game!

P#100183 2021-11-15 22:35

Nice! Thanks @SandwichBlam!

P#100190 2021-11-15 23:04

Quite possibly every laser and raster game that @hijongpark has made, @thattomhall. His arcade DEFENDER is the BEST !


Very nice list ! Gold star ... I think someone is going to do something interesting with this ability to call and access other carts - in the future.

P#100194 2021-11-15 23:38 ( Edited 2021-11-15 23:39)

Yeah, @dw817, true... maybe I'll update this launcher during TOY BOX JAM 3.... though I will be on vacation....

P#100195 2021-11-15 23:41

If you're still taking more suggestions, please add more games by @benjamin_soule, especially Pigments.

P#100202 2021-11-16 00:40

Will add arcade-like suggestions, yeah....

P#100203 2021-11-16 00:45

Ah yeah, arcade!

P#101969 2021-12-07 21:31

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