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Cart #secretsanta-0 | 2018-12-20 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | Forks ▽ | No License

"In today's world of modern home security, Santa's job of delivering presents gets tougher every year!"

Created as part of PICO8 Advent Calendar 2018, organised by @Bigaston.


  • Six "Christmas Movie"-themed houses
    • (inc. the BIGGEST building from a Christmas movie!)
  • Four secret tools for assisting in modern-day present deliveries
    • Many security obstacles, including:
    • Motion-sentitive cameras!
    • Laser trip wires!
    • Pressure floor pads!
    • Guard dogs!
    • Sensitive sound monitor - remember to keep quiet!
  • Records your best times - per-level + overall

Mission / Controls

Credits & Thanks

Additional code snippets that I used/adapted:

PICO-8 Advent Calendar

This game was created for the PICO-8 Advent Calendar. Everyday during the month of December, you can play a new free game created with PICO-8.


  • v1.0:
    • Initial version
P#59306 2018-11-24 09:55 ( Edited 2018-12-21 08:03)


Seriously great game! Kudos. Wish this was on my Switch too!

Really fun and polished.

P#60217 2018-12-21 21:05

hahahaha this is so funny! I love the little background details, and the music is perfect and really adds to it :D

P#60228 2018-12-22 04:48 ( Edited 2018-12-22 05:10)

Thanks Tom - it's no Keen, but it'll do! :D
Hmm.. switch you say... ;o)

Thanks Kittenm4ster - glad you picked up on the little details!
Yeah, @Gruber really excelled himself on this one! :D

P#60243 2018-12-22 11:10

Not good at it, but really cute! Yes, the music is a very nice touch too.

P#60278 2018-12-23 01:35

Thanks hwd, much appreciated! :D

P#60299 2018-12-23 17:07

Heey, a Christmas-themed Mark of the Ninja clone? I like it!

Merry Christmas, Paul!

P#60300 2018-12-23 18:02 ( Edited 2018-12-23 18:03)

*googles Mark of the Ninja...*

Ha! Yeah, I guess it kinda was - at least subliminally! :D

Merry Christmas back at'cha!

P#60395 2018-12-27 18:40
:: dw817

Actually a lot of fun, @Liquidream ! Real action involved and areas where you can sit and think about what to do next.

Here's a Gold Star for ya.

P#103740 2021-12-29 04:41 ( Edited 2021-12-29 04:41)

Thanks @dw817, I appreciate that.
Glad you enjoyed it 😊

P#103751 2021-12-29 08:16

This was fun :)

P#103827 2021-12-30 17:37

Love this!

P#109340 2022-03-28 23:24

Good god man I realise how late I am to this party but so far yours is the greatest PicoKart I've ever played. If you aren't already a game dev I feel you could manage it

P#109938 2022-04-08 23:26

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