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I recently published my first game on the BBS.

1) Is there currently any way to see stats on how many times it's been played?
2) How does a game become "featured?"


P#68995 2019-10-18 00:53

Cart [#tailpipe-7#] | Code | 2019-10-10 | No License | Embed

Thanks all who provided feedback while this was a work in progress!

Enjoy and let me know if you'd like to see further updates or more levels.


P#68705 2019-10-10 04:46 ( Edited 2019-10-10 04:51)


I'm looking for a way to control SFX volume from within the code.

For example, as my main character approaches an audio source, it should become louder.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance for any leads!

P#68524 2019-10-05 16:44

Cart [#tailpipe-3#] | Code | 2019-10-06 | No License | Embed

I've been working on this game based on my webcomic "B-Lab."

Pico 8 has been such a joy to learn!

P#68169 2019-09-26 23:01 ( Edited 2019-10-06 08:21)


My game (which uses includes) runs perfectly from within the Pico 8 environment. It also runs perfectly when I export it without using includes (that is, when I pre-merge all the files together and then export).

But when I export it with includes (either to a standalone .bin or to an html page) I get the following error when I try to run the exported version:

could not #include file:

stopped. press button to exit

init_functions.p8 is one of the files I'm including from the main file.

Here is the code from the main program:

pico-8 cartridge // http://www.pico-8.com
version 18

#include init_functions.p8
#include main_controllers.p8
#include start_functions.p8

#include game_functions.p8
#include ugene_functions.p8
#include actor_functions.p8
#include ui_functions.p8
#include common_functions.p8
#include gameover_functions.p8

(and all the graphics data is here)

and here is the first few lines from the first include, which I'm showing here in case it has something to do with the header portion?

pico-8 cartridge // http://www.pico-8.com
version 18

function _init()



Am I doing something wrong? Again I want to emphasize that everything works perfectly when running this from within Pico 8, just not when I export it.

I've searched for an answer to why this might be happening, to no avail.

Thanks for any light anyone could shine on this!


P#68157 2019-09-26 18:48 ( Edited 2019-09-29 22:13)

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