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Hey, I'm not sure if this is the right category to post this in, but as an Audio Guy I'm intrigued by the possibility of direct control of Pico-8's DAC? (Then again, I'm not entirely certain whether Pico-8 HAS a DAC, or just a sample playback routine that goes directly to the host machine's DAC.) Either way, I have found the possibility of "user waveform" slots (a la the Namco Custom30) in Pico-8 to be pretty intriguing. Many old microcomputer systems have had some form of exploit or another to directly control the DAC (this is famously how sampled sound and digitized speech could be played back on the C64). Theoretically, would this be possible in Pico-8, or will its architecture not allow it?

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I'm curious if there are plans for a "devkit keyboard" ability for p8? It would make it feel more like a microcomputer than a console, but I think some very interesting stuff could be made that involves text input.

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This is the first thing I did in PICO-8. It's not so much a "game" as it is a proof of concept and an attempt to figure out what all this "machine" is capable of with a little inginuity. It...doesn't sound CLEAR, but it kinda sounds like speech, so I'll take that as a success at this point!

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