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Cart #13025 | 2015-08-24 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Lumdum Dare Page

<z> Open / Close The SHop
<x> Swap to the next alive monster

Hello all ! This is my entry for Ludum Dare 33
I had a lot of problem with the gameplay of this one and I also hit the tokens limit faster than I expected.
I still managed to make something playable. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Since it's ludumdare I guess I wont update this one unless if some gamebreaking bugs are found.

Because I had to remove most of the ingame help to gain some space for late code you should REALLy read this before play :

Goblin : Fast and weak. The only monster who can carry gold and orbs.
Orc : Solid. Can dig faster than goblin
Skeleton : Slow but revive really fast.
Ghost : Hit hard and can't be targeted by projectiles. Can walk throught walls
Zombi : Durable but sluggish.
Dragon : Awesome at kicking heroes ass

Adventurer: Spirited and young enough to die.
Mage : Fire one deadly fireball
Knight : Hit hard and live long.
Thief : Picklock any door and move quickly
Archer : Fire up to 3x arrows

ITEMS : ( designed for heroes only, yeah...too bad )
Sword: Improve hero's attack
Meat : Improve hero's resistance
Boots : Improve hero's speed
Key : Open one door.
Spell : add one fireball spell
Gold pile : hero will steal 3 gold from your treasure


  • Each time you move the tempo bar decrease
  • When 0 is reached the next event occurd
    Event Hero : a hero will be added to the party
    Event Raid : the party will attack the dungeon
    Event Item : an item will spawn in the dungeon.


  • Only dirt can be digged
  • Orc dig faster than goblins
  • Each time a dirt square have two open neighbours, it changes to a wall.
  • It wont apply if the two open neighbours are very distant allowing you to create loops
  • Items will tends to spawn in deadends. Create some to make item defense easier.


  • Find gold by digging tunnels ( you should use orc for this )
  • Grab gold and bring it to the the master with goblins
  • If your dungeon contain the treasure items, protect it or heroes will steal your gold


  • Can be opened/closed with <z> key
  • Shop content is randomly generated each game.
  • You can recycle shop content with the central slot
  • Recycle price decrease each time you buy something
P#13012 2015-08-23 21:32 ( Edited 2018-10-20 22:37)

Great stuff! I love the title screen, especially the effect on the bottom half. The goblin sprite is adorable, and even more adorable carrying gold.

At first I didn't see the screen to buy new things.

P#13041 2015-08-23 23:04 ( Edited 2015-08-24 03:04)

This is really lovely! The way you communicate so much personality through the characters & actions is really inspiring. Makes me feel like I'm the bumbling henchmen (who are, of course, comedy foils to each other) working for a temperamental boss in a cartoon, so ace.

P#13088 2015-08-24 17:18 ( Edited 2015-08-24 21:18)

Really enjoyed this! (after I had read the instructions)
Quite difficult even on the easiest setting, took me quite a few rounds before I won, but it was very satisfying!

P#13122 2015-08-25 09:14 ( Edited 2015-08-25 13:14)

This game is super hard... but even with not reading the rules, it quickly became obvious what the rules were and how to progress and such. Very neat that the game seems at first super complicated but is actually that right balance of easy to learn but with deep strategy aspects.

P#13137 2015-08-25 17:34 ( Edited 2015-08-25 21:34)

super job! very hard at first, but slowly you realize all the different strategies you can employ. makes me want to play a few (hundred) more times and really get good at it. really great job!

P#13152 2015-08-26 00:25 ( Edited 2015-08-26 04:25)

it's really awesome! but i broke it!!
just reloaded the trap with my skeleton and it fired an arrow at the archer then boom.

P#13158 2015-08-26 06:32 ( Edited 2015-08-26 10:32)

awesome! :)

P#15505 2015-10-17 17:50 ( Edited 2015-10-17 21:50)

I love this game!!
Fantastic!! Good job, Benjamin :)

Would you like to give us an interview for our blog?
It's really awesome!

P#15720 2015-10-22 12:14 ( Edited 2015-10-22 16:14)

This really is a great setup, it's hard to believe it was finished in 2 days. On the other hand, there are a few kinks that could be worked out. And I think it's worth updating! I've only beaten easy mode so far, but I had so many monsters I was even a little disappointed when I ran out of stuff to buy with all the gold. Maybe it should have an endless mode.

P#15732 2015-10-22 17:49 ( Edited 2015-10-22 21:49)

Wow, well done! The best simple dungeonmaster/tower defense game I've seen for Pico8. I love the tiny, expressive sprites, and the real differences between different creatures. I especially like the feature where when you bump into another creature on the way, it automatically transfers control to that creature. Great job!

P#17721 2015-12-12 01:19 ( Edited 2015-12-12 06:22)

hee-ee ))

I broke it too

P#27856 2016-09-01 17:32 ( Edited 2016-09-01 21:32)

Great, no bugs here yet. Would like option to save game as this is one that isn't solved in just a few minutes.

A key for "no movement" so the player can line up opponents would be useful. Perhaps hold down (B) to swap characters. Tap it to maintain same control but skip a move and let the enemies get closer.

Nice relaxed play, good old-time multi-character strategy. Well written !

P#27906 2016-09-02 12:24 ( Edited 2016-09-02 17:50)

I am addicted to this.

P#31638 2016-10-23 23:32 ( Edited 2016-10-24 03:32)

Wow, this game is awesome. Could you add some music?

P#32418 2016-11-12 15:05 ( Edited 2016-11-12 20:05)

I love this game. But I can't win in difficult mode

P#58196 2018-10-20 18:37 ( Edited 2018-10-20 22:37)

Author I am the first Russian who finished the game on the island difficulty. LOL

P#85004 2020-12-03 17:29 ( Edited 2020-12-03 17:30)


P#93603 2021-06-16 14:01 ( Edited 2021-06-16 14:02)

Just popping up on here to let everyone know Benjamin and I formed the PUNKCAKE duo recently! We're releasing a new game every month and we just put out The Wratch's Den which is the direct evolution of Underworld Siege right here!
Check it out at https://punkcake.itch.io/wratchs-den! ✨👹✨

P#95870 2021-08-11 09:40

I love this game, reminds me of Dungeon Keeper a lot (one of my all-time favourite games). I really like defending the dungeon against the heroes, the combat works really well, it's fun leaving your monsters hiding around corners waiting to ambush the enemies. I'm very interested in checking out the full version on Itch having played this jam version, can't believe this was made in just 48 hours, seriously impressive.

P#100842 2021-11-26 18:53


I even pointed out to the author of the line of code where the error is approximately located, and the game swears at the line of code when an error occurs.


Я даже указал автору строки кода, где примерно находится ошибка, и игра ругается на строку кода, когда возникает ошибка.



1328 function mktw(e,ex,ey,tmax,nxt)
1129 tw={}
1130 tw.e=e
1131! tw.sx=e.x
1132 tw.sy=e.y
1133 tw.ex=ex
1134 tw.ey=ey
1335 tw.t=0
1336 tw.tmax=tmax
1337 tw.nxt=nxt
1338 add(tweens,tw)
1339 return tw
1940 end


P#124548 2023-01-19 15:24

Is it possible to make the game unwinnable by losing orbs to heroes or turning the area they're on into stone?

Also, what are the rules for turning dirt into stone?

P#124622 2023-01-21 10:31

Very cool game! I especially like the wave mechanic and how scary the heroes' items can be.

P#141980 2024-02-26 02:56

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