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Indie Dev living in Victoria, Australia. I make small games, while working full-time. Also prototyping a bunch of VR stuff!

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I couldn't help myself, naming the title that; just thought it was too much of a cliche to miss.

Anyways, my name is Rollerstar and I am an Australian Indie Dev!

In the coming weeks I will be doing my final exams for secondary school! (Yea I'm pretty young...)

So on the balance of study and play, I will hopefully be working on a few exciting projects :P

I only discovered PICO-8 about a week ago, I was on itch.io looking for web games when I came across several titles which all had the same start screen. Originally I thought this must be included in all the games because of all the game jam they were participating in and after a quick google search, I couldn't find anything.

However eventually I stumbled upon this 'fantasy console' and I've been intrigued ever since, I think the whole thing is frikkin awesome and I cannot wait to delve into this new and exciting world!

So I guess if you're interested in seeing what I come up with, keep your tabs open and maybe, eventually.... I'll have something to show!

Glad to be a part of this community and see you all soon :P


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