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An independent developer from another world.


ㄟ( ▔, ▔ )ㄏ


A guy passionate about computers and making games.


I'm Thom, Dutch student in software development.
I like programming, music and browsing the web.


Hello, Im Sleepy the sleepy Nuigurumi Fox Dreamer! <3

Pico - 8


Just a blue awkward fluff dragon that talks too much and doesn't really have a control on his ambitions. I normally go by Azure. If I said something stupid, I'm sorry, and if it was a while ago, I'm probably less stupid now.


Thank You Mr. White & Company,
About me:
I do a little of everything. Music, Grfx, Programming, etc.
my website: http://www.mizlabeled.com
There is still much to learn and do and I simply cannot wait.

All I ever wanted to do was make video games and cartoons since I was around 12y/o... It has taken me forever to get here, but the journey is not over. For I have only begun to fully understand how to accomplish the task my childhood dreamed of, but with Pico by my side, I think I can finally realize it. The road has been long already. What's a few more leagues? I won't be satisfied until it has been rendered unto this existence. There is much leveling to do, but my skill points are stacking up...

I have been alone for so long... As long as I can remember now. It is not bad being alone, but I wouldn't mind some company. If nothing else then to chat, but even better if they wanted to support or collaborate... Care to join my party?


I'm a pixel artist, musician, and voice actor.


i am 18, a programmer and gamer :3
i program in C, Pyhton, Lua and abit of C#


Making fantasy consoles (Voxatron, PICO-8 and Picotron) and trying to make my way back to userland.