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Cart #picodriller-0 | 2020-05-23 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Pico Driller

Welcome to Picotown, a city like any other until big blocks started to pop out of the earth right into the middle of the city! The picopeople need you: Pico Driller!

Falling blocks that could squish you anytime? Small capsules of air underground? Ever-present danger? Prepare to drill your way and save the day!


  • Arrow keys to move and navigate menus.
  • X/Z to drill in current direction.


  • Drill as deep as you can, but don't get crushed!
  • Air consumption increases the deeper you go, make sure to refill in time!
  • X-blocks take 5 drills to destroy AND 20% of your air. Beware!

A PICO-8 demake of the NAMCO classic!
Art+Audio: Johan Vinet ( @johanvinet)
Code: Johan Peitz (@johanpeitz)

Also playable on itch.io: https://canarigames.itch.io/picodriller

P#77021 2020-05-23 17:34 ( Edited 2020-05-23 18:25)

🙌🙌 👏😁 🙌🙌


P#77121 2020-05-24 09:34 ( Edited 2020-05-24 09:34)


P#77128 2020-05-24 13:43

Great and cute game <3

P#77163 2020-05-25 07:16

So addicting. Great job!

P#77250 2020-05-27 01:47

This is such a gread demake! And it plays very well :)

P#77282 2020-05-27 17:26

Hey all, super happy that this is so well received! Johan and I had such a blast making it and nothing is better than other people enjoying it too. Thanks for letting us know!

P#77286 2020-05-27 18:30

So much polish

P#77398 2020-05-29 19:45

What does "FUTURE VERSION: 239" mean? It's stopping it working.

P#77410 2020-05-29 23:59

This is such a lovely production. A+ am drilling a bit every day.

Bug report: after 18 minutes (32767/(30*60)), tick overflows to -0x8000, and the game starts running slow because of

local steps=max(0,15-flr(tick/1.5))
pal_shift(steps, dark_pal)

Possible fix: resetting ticks each game.
I guess there might be a bunch of carts now that do something funky after 18 (or 9) minutes!

@BlinkyMcGoo it means the cart was made in a newer version of PICO-8 that is incompatible with the version you have. You can fix it by updating.

P#77637 2020-06-04 07:04

Thanks again!

@zep - I have a feeling all my games suffer from this. :)

P#77641 2020-06-04 08:19

Great game here, really close to the original. I love the cute graphics and the music. I've made a video review to show my appreciation:

P#80177 2020-07-31 16:29

Hey @extar,
thanks for the video, nice play throughs! Afaik no one made it to 5000 yet. :o

P#80270 2020-08-02 19:29

Ah that explains why the game becomes slow!

BTW I have now played the GBC version (cleared 500m after a week thanks to training in the pico8 version!) and I am impressed by the fidelity of your game. One exception is that your music is better!

P#80427 2020-08-06 19:46

Oh hey, this is some pretty cool air.
Muffled screeches

P#82055 2020-09-21 18:27

I'm playing it too much, thank you I'm happy

P#83382 2020-10-26 19:24

Really love this one!

Congratulations for such a great game!

P#85633 2020-12-21 10:25

Great game! One problem that I found is when you go down too fast and too many blocks start to fall off screen the game lags and all UI disappears. I was playing arcade on intermediate at around 200-300 M when this happened

P#87430 2021-02-09 18:47

This is really well made

P#93995 2021-06-24 21:40

This is an excellent, excellent game! I like it so much, I had to make a video about it. :)


P#96678 2021-08-30 12:51
P#108975 2022-03-21 18:52

Just how deep is this cake anyways ? :)

Nice drilling game, lovely animation and graphics. Polished presentation. Definitely gold star work, @johanp.

P#108976 2022-03-21 18:56

Quite satisfying... :)

P#110210 2022-04-13 23:00

Really fun game! I prefer this over the namco one!

P#141825 2024-02-23 18:01

This is super cute. Feels good to play too

P#147448 2024-04-27 17:00

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