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standard version (export from 0.1.11g):

unzip crt.html to {application data}/pico-8/plates

alternate version (see here):

Feel free to use & modify, no attribution required.

Have fun!

P#62468 2019-03-03 21:47 ( Edited 2019-04-25 11:32)


I updated one of my old carts that was begging for this aesthetic - https://simonhutchinson.itch.io/post-digital

P#62481 2019-03-04 00:15


Any chance you can combine the CRT filter with the template you made that fixes the audio issue in Chrome? https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=31000

The UB template loads and plays audio fine, but the CRT template doesn't seem to play audio...at least for me (Windows10/Chrome)

P#62494 2019-03-04 02:26

Holy cow - this is AWESOME @ultrabrite!!!

Totally agree with @morningtoast's points above - this would be an amazing updated template.

Now I just need to fight the urge to update ALL my previous games with this! :D

P#62517 2019-03-04 09:16 ( Edited 2019-03-04 09:17)

yep, next on my list! I had things going on with the ub template (audio with latest safari & some refactoring) so I didn't want to cross the streams ;) also I wanted to release this as soon as it worked, but I didn't test thoroughly.

now that I think of it, I made the webgl part quite modular (just additional code that piggybacks on the "canvas" element), so a simple copy&paste at the end could work with minor modification. can't test right now though. it's all between "<! -- 8< webgl stuff -- >" or something if you wanna try :)

(edit: done, see original post)

P#62519 2019-03-04 11:05 ( Edited 2019-03-04 20:13)

This is so RAD!

Feature requests:

  1. Can you add a keyboard shortcut to turn it off/on?

  2. A subtle flicker?

  3. This should become part of Pico-8
P#62548 2019-03-04 22:42

Okay, so I kind of did the opposite...I added the UB stuff to the CRT template and it seems to work...at least, from my quick tests when exporting.

Copy+paste into a new file and save it in the plates directory as noted above. Same flags to export HTML.


P#62562 2019-03-05 03:25

Ah...nevermind...just saw you updated it. My bad. Oh well.

P#62564 2019-03-05 03:25 ( Edited 2019-03-05 03:25)

Amazing, thanks a bunch!

P#62573 2019-03-05 08:30

This is SUPER AMAZING, but having problems alternately with sound or gfx. Either silent or black in Chrome on Mac.

P#64067 2019-04-30 01:57

I fixed a minor problem here: https://gist.github.com/KHN190/d7c467a471b15e72302b16a9336440a5

Chrome only renders *after all elements are loaded. Otherwise it'll be black.

Also turn on/off CRT effect using shift.

P#64083 2019-04-30 08:12 ( Edited 2019-04-30 09:53)

Hi Tom! Glad you like it!
Most browsers now require user interaction before they will allow audio playback. I see you're using the standard version, based on 0.1.11, which doesn't feature a play button. The easiest way is to uncheck "autoplay" on your itch.io game settings, itch will do the rest.
I don't know about the blackout bug, but I gather bctr should have fixed it.

@bctr: Nice! The webgl init is deferred in my upcoming version, but your fix might still be relevant so I'll check it out!

In any case, I'm working on a new version based on 0.1.12. Still a few bugs to iron out and some testing to do, hopefully in the next few days.

P#64102 2019-04-30 20:43

@ultrabrite - Looking forward to the new version. Was going to play with this but I guess I need the new version for the latest pico-8 release?

P#64161 2019-05-03 11:03 ( Edited 2019-05-03 17:04)

@arashi256: this still works with the latest pico-8. you only need the next version if you need mobile or mouse support.

P#64175 2019-05-04 14:49

Thanks @ultrabrite (and @bctr, for the fix). This looks soooo good.

Can I toggle the effect from within a game, e.g., extcmd("shift") ?

P#70405 2019-11-30 18:29 ( Edited 2019-11-30 18:43)

On second thought, only way would be to write to gpio and, on the browser side, have some js periodically check for gpio input and toggle the effect accordingly.

P#70430 2019-12-01 02:48

Hey @alexr, when are you gonna post your new Jammerboard with the trees and all ? It looks great !

P#70431 2019-12-01 02:56 ( Edited 2019-12-01 02:57)

Hmm.. I don't feel it's ready for the carts ecosystem just yet; playable work-in-progress builds are for now on itch.io.

Also have been playing with the crt template, tweaking it a bit to lessen the warp and blur effects, which now looks something like this:

Game-driven toggling of the effect adds the challenge of integrating/justifying its use via the game narrative, which has driven me to add a "they're watching us" twist to what once was a simple "just surf" mechanic. I'm not sure I'm headed the right way; I may have fallen down an effect-driven-story trap.

P#70488 2019-12-02 15:29

On second thought, maybe using the effect for a "best run playback" could help maintain the focus.

P#70489 2019-12-02 15:35 ( Edited 2019-12-02 15:35)

This is amazing. Great work!

P#72563 2020-02-01 17:28

I want to use this for my next release. But I'm getting performance issues in Chrome at 768x768 window size. 100% CPU load, low framerate and stuttering sound. Buttersmooth in Firefox.

Is this just the way it is in Chrome or am I doing something wrong?

P#73755 2020-03-08 14:13

@Krystman: Is it on MacOS? It's been months since I looked into it, but IIRC chrome took a big hit by not using metal, or something to that effect. Firefox and Safari were working ok. I thought that would have been fixed by now :(

P#73759 2020-03-08 20:56

@ultrabrite No, I'm using Windows 10

P#73778 2020-03-09 03:03

well, I don't know then. it seems to work ok in chrome on 'my' win10, in opera and chromium edge too. it's just a shader in webgl in the end. I guess you did check hardware acceleration, or try other webgl stuff (for instance)?

an update on this is long overdue, I'll try and get back to it soon(ish)... in the meantime any further info is more than welcome!

P#73806 2020-03-10 21:36

Ah. I think this might have been it. How embarrassing. I could have sworn I checked it was on.

But still, I really want to add a CRT button to turn the shader on and off just in case. I see @bctr above here had a mod to do that with the shift button. But that just turned off the effect. So it was still stuttery with Hardware Acceleration off. I'd like it to turn off the entire Shader. Is there a way to do that?

Also when the page loads the screen is invisible. I need to resize the browser window for the image to show up.

P#73815 2020-03-11 04:26

FYI Mattias_G on twitter came up with a new CRT effect.

I converted it to webgl and made a new PICO-8 plate, based on the 0.2.2c default plate which I believe includes a lot of the goodies from @ultrabrite's version.

PICO-8 plate on github
PICO-8 cart demo

Update 4/22/2021: Now works on iPhone and iPad, and Safari on Mac too.

P#90870 2021-04-21 01:10 ( Edited 2021-04-22 19:28)

OMG, I wanted to see Mattias_G filter on MOTU so much. Thanks! Will try it as soon as I am back ob my pc

P#90871 2021-04-21 01:24

Looks like it's been a bit since this topic was brought up...just wondering if anyone has futzed with this more since the last update last year or so. I wish I had the shader knowledge to poke around in there but I don't.

I'm still getting audio stutter and some general performance jank when using any of these templates (in Chrome/Edge, others). It's like 98% there but that last 2% is really a downer when it comes to the audio and lag.

P#121116 2022-11-21 18:17

when i use CRT i don't have any sound, maybe the last PICO-8 update makes some trouble

P#121620 2022-11-30 13:17

Great shader template, thanks for sharing @ultrabrite!
Is it possible to toggle the CRT effect on/off?

P#121688 2022-12-01 22:30 ( Edited 2022-12-01 22:32)

@carlc27843 I'd love to try applying your version of this to my game, but I can't get it to work. Ultrabrite's version above works for me but with no audio. For yours, do I follow the same instructions of copying it to the plates folder and exporting with -p crt? (Sorry I'm a dumb noob)

P#125930 2023-02-16 04:13

@likelyculprit I've updated the plate for 0.2.5g: crtplate on github

To use it:
copy crtplate.html to {application data}/pico-8/plates
and then inside pico8:

This version includes the "CRT toggle" button from nebulus

P#125940 2023-02-16 07:33 ( Edited 2023-02-16 07:37)

@carlc27843 It worked for me now, thanks so much!

P#125965 2023-02-16 19:27

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