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I only have an account to put the pixel arts I do on pixilart as a profile picture ¯_('-')_/¯


I really like bullet hells and shmups


i do things

Discord: SB1020X#8726


i really love games of mario,sonic,fnf,bomberman,pac-man,super smash bros!


I am a guy who makes scratch projects and stuff. I also play PICO-8 games and I am planning on getting PICO-8 in the future.


A guy passionate about computers and making games.


Hi, I'm Fettuccini! I like to make music and SFX for games.
If you ever wanna collab on any Pico-8 (or eventually Picotron) stuff, feel free to reach out on Discord (Fettuccini#3072)


just a normal guy / nomas un chico normal
just a bilingual guy / nomas un chico bilingue
just a pico night punkin' guy / nomas un chico del pico night punkin'


Hey everyone. I'm iivii, founder of iivii.games. Currently, I'm working on a course which I hope to publish to the Skillshare platform which will serve as am introduction and eventually an in depth examination and structured learning resource on the Pico-8 platform. I have an extensive, privately cultivated wiki dedicated to all things Pico 8 which will likely be released publicly at some point.


I make pixel art and play sm64js cus yes


I make games and songs!


Game Maker beginner
proffesional animator




I'm Thom, Dutch student in software development.
I like programming, music and browsing the web.




he/they, agender, gay. kobold
certified no brain moment

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