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can you copy/save carts from other people and load them into PICO-8 education edition?

P#113494 2022-06-22 17:04

I want to make a Pico Night Punkin' mod but there are 3 problems

1: I don't know how to import songs (or art)
2: I don't know how to make music
3: I'm using PICO-8 Education Edition, and can't afford the original release

Could I have help with this?

P#113467 2022-06-22 02:32

What happened to Sonic 2.5? Are you still working on it?

P#105510 2022-01-22 14:02

Could you make a fighting game in PICO-8?
I don't care about the type of fighting game, I'm just saying, could you do it?

P#105250 2022-01-17 21:14

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