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Pico Defender

A remake of the Williams classic.


  • Up/Down
  • Left/Right
  • X to fire
  • Z for smart bomb
  • X+Z for hyperspace

How to play

Blast Alien Ships

Blast landers carrying humanoids before they mutate. Catch falling humanoids - 500 points; Return them to surface - 500 points. Bonus for surviving humanoids after each alien wave. If all the humanoids are successfully abducted, the entire planet will explode in a blinding flash!

Hyperspace - Warp To Another Quadrant - Caution

Smart Bomb - Destroys Enemies On Screen

Bonus Ship and Smart Bomb every 10,000 Points


For hyperspace, press and hold down fire and then press the smart bomb key.

To stop the screen flashing during effects and turn off the rapid colour cycling, go to the pause menu and use the "toggle flashing" option.

Original controls ("alt keys")

The Defender arcade machine had an up/down joystick and a 'thrust' button to move in the ship's facing direction. A separate 'reverse' button flipped the ship's direction. To experience similar controls, go to the pause menu and use the "toggle alt keys" option. When toggled, the right-key is thrust and the left-key is used for the reverse button, which might take some getting used to and is best used with a keyboard, but gives a more authentic experience. Think of up/down/right for moving your ship along and treat the left-key separately, for the occasional direction flip.


Code: Greg Gaughan

Audio: Martha

Also on itch.io: https://ggaughan.itch.io/pico-defender

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