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Cart #mot_sorcerer-6 | 2021-07-23 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Grab your magic staff and venture deep into the demon realm to defeat Bahmott and his evil servants!

Trial of the Sorcerer is a procedurally generated 3D first person shooter inspired by Wolfenstein 3D and Catacomb Abyss.

Shoot monsters, collect loot, find keys to unlock doors, and try to find the exit to the next level.
And don't forget to pickup the power crystals to level-up your magic staff along the way.


Arrows = Move
X = Shoot
Z = Hold to strafe

Or use player 2 controls (E,S,D,F) to move/strafe and player 1 controls to turn.

Mouse input can be enabled via the pause menu (once in game), but only when playing via the Pico-8 application as mouse locking doesn't currently work in the browser version.


Doors with a small black keyhole require keys.
Each door requires a specific key, so if one won't open it means you don't have the right key yet.

UPDATED (based on feedback):

  • Swapped green and yellow staff
  • Decreased green staff cooldown slightly
  • Player recovers 5 points of health between levels
  • Made some enemies more visible in dark areas


  • In game music. (Can turn it off in the pause menu.)
  • Shows gold collected and enemies destroyed after each level and when game completed
  • Enemies slide off obstacles - don't get stuck as often
  • Removed range limitation from flame staff (yellow staff). Swapped back with green staff.


  • Fix crash in procgen code
P#94900 2021-07-16 05:45 ( Edited 2021-07-23 07:19)


This is epic

P#94944 2021-07-16 10:01
:: extar

Great game here. Some classic FPS combat here, it wasn't long before I was circle-strafing all over the place. I'd be interested to know what are the procedurally generated bits of the game.
Anyway, really enjoyed this so made a video about it:

P#94957 2021-07-16 16:16
:: Mot

@extar wow! Posted a game went to bed, and by the time I wake up there's already a YouTube video about it.
Thanks very much for playing it.

Pretty much everything is randomly generated, the room layouts, which doors to lock, placement of enemies, keys, collectables, weapon pickups, entry and exit doors.

Levels are generated from a key, which is a bunch of parameters (size, difficulty, theme) plus a random seed.
The same key will always generate the same level, but there's no way to really predict they will come out like, you just have to play them and see.
The "main quest" was created by playing a whole lot of randomly generated levels and saving the keys for the ones that felt about right.

Incidentally, if you do find an interesting randomly generated level, you can go into the "editor" and note down its key (the 9 digit number) so you can play it again later. Or post it for other people to try.

There's some good feedback in there. I think giving you some or all of your health back when you start a new level is a good idea.

The flame staff is problematic. I really like the feel of it, but it's a bit of a backward step against the ranged enemies, whereas the staffs are supposed to get more powerful as you progress. I may swap it with the green staff, so that you're using it in the earlier levels before the ranged enemies appear.

It also doesn't help that level 6 is a bit of a difficulty spike. It's supposed to be a mid-game boss battle sequence (usually the dragons don't spawn until the demon realm levels), but it didn't work as well as I had hoped.

P#94965 2021-07-16 22:57

This is tremendous fun and controls really smoothly. The spiders in the mausoleum caught me by surprise the first time with the poison attack and I was toast, but I got my revenge later :).

Great job, Tom, and so fun to play it after watching all the development progress on Twitter!

P#94970 2021-07-17 00:31

This game brings back memories of the Catacomb Armageddon! Really good fun, and the spiders made me jump!

P#94983 2021-07-17 08:13

Neat take on the Wolf3d style.

couple of remarks:

  • monsters are too easily stuck on props, suggest to have them randomly move left/right for an easy fix
  • fire wand is a bit of a let down
  • what is the point of the gold? score gimmick?
  • maybe some kind of cooldown would make firing a bit more engaging. atm there is no penalty just keeping button down :/
P#95008 2021-07-17 22:19 ( Edited 2021-07-17 22:20)
:: Mot

@freds72 maybe if shooting had a bit of recoil (pushes you backwards) that might be an incentive not to shoot all the time. Although I don't want to penalise the player too much in the middle of a hectic firefight.

And yeah, still working out how the flame staff fits in. I really wanted 5 unique weapons, but that's difficult to do with the limited hit-scan/projectile system.
I could tighten up the spread and remove the range limitation I guess.

Gold's not really for anything. Perhaps if it showed how much you collected (e.g. Gold: 77%) after each level it might appeal to completionists/high score seekers.

It's all about finding the tokens at this stage though :)

P#95015 2021-07-18 02:07

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