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PICO-8 for Educators

Use PICO-8 as a cosy, focused learning environment! Every copy of PICO-8 comes with a site-wide license for schools, workshops, public libraries, and similar educational spaces. It can be installed on any number of machines belonging to a single educational organisation using the standard DRM-free installation files, even when those machines are taken off-site (for example, student laptops issued by their school). PICO-8 is suitable both as an introduction to programming for absolute beginners, and as an approachable tool for teaching more advanced topics such as game design, algorithms, and music composition.

PICO-8 Education Edition: for Web

A special version of PICO-8 is freely available to use from any web browser with a keyboard attached, including chromebooks. In many cases this is the easiest way to use PICO-8 for teaching. It does not require a user account, and although it is missing some features (exporters, cartridge browser), it does have a complete set of editing tools for creating and studying cartridges.

PICO-8 Education Edition also includes features for distributing classwork to students. .p8.png files can be dragged and dropped into the page, or cartridges can be uploaded to the BBS and then downloaded from PICO-8 with the LOAD command: LOAD #MY_TUTORIAL_ID

Visit: www.pico-8-edu.com

Take-Home Licenses

Take-home licenses are another way to allow students to continue their projects after a course or workshop is completed, and to use PICO-8 off-site. They are available for purchase by registered educators in blocks of 10 or more at $3 per license, and come in the form of keys that can be distributed to students. Each key can be redeemed once once and provides the usual access to DRM-free, cross-platform downloads and updates.

Register as a PICO-8 Educator

If you are a teacher, admin or volunteer with an educational organisation of any size, and would like to purchase a block of take-home licenses, please first register below and we will get back to you. (If you are unsure if you qualify as an educator, you most likely do!). There is no need to register as an educational organisation if you simply wish to take advantage of the site-wide license (it comes with every copy of PICO-8), or to use the web-based educational edition.

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