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PICO-8 for Educators

Use PICO-8 as a cosy, focused learning environment! Every copy of PICO-8 comes with a site-wide license for schools, workshops, public libraries, and similar educational spaces. PICO-8 is suitable both as an introduction to programming for absolute beginners, and as an approachable tool for teaching more advanced topics such as game design, algorithms, and music composition.

Take-Home Licenses

Take-home licenses allow students to continue their projects after a course or workshop is completed, and to use PICO-8 off-site. They are available for purchase by registered educators in blocks of 10 or more at $3 per license, and come in the form of keys that can be distributed to students. Each key can be redeemed once once and provides the usual access to DRM-free, cross-platform downloads and updates.

Register as a PICO-8 Educator

If you are a teacher, admin or volunteer with an educational organisation of any size, and would like to purchase a block of take-home licenses, please first register below and we will get back to you. (If you are unsure if you qualify as an educator, you most likely do!)

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