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So with the launch of OpenFPGA on the Analogue Pocket, along with the development Analogue Pockets making the rounds. I'm curious to know what the chances of Pico-8 appearing on the Analogue Pocket?

I haven't got the foggiest about programming cores for FPGA, but from what I'm aware is that Pico-8 is mainly a piece of software that sits on top of an existing system, this makes me wonder what kind of core would need to be made to make Pico-8 work on an FPGA chip, be it either the Analogue Pocket or even the MiSTer. I would love to have all my GameBoy games and Pico-8 games on my Analogue pocket when I receive mine later this year.



P#115287 2022-08-05 23:39

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Something I thought about, how about a sideloadable Android version of Pico-8 that could be playable on the Ouya? I could turn my dusty Ouya into a Pico 8 Console.

P#98632 2021-10-14 13:14

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So I just tried putting Pico 8 onto an old Windows XP laptop of mine. Ran fine, but similar to my Raspberry Pi running the bare metal version of PicoPi, it struggles to connect to the BBS even if there's an internet connection to that laptop.

Now here's the thing, could it be because my $15 purchase is only for a single machine that I installed it onto, and that's why I don't get the full features of Pico8 on my other machines? Is it a User Licence thing?

If not, what would prevent my laptop and Raspberry Pi from connecting to the BBS? They do have an internet connection, the Raspberry Pi uses ethernet, whilst my laptop uses Wifi. They can load lists of the latest, featured and updated games, but when I run the cart it just say "Could not connect to BBS."

Ultimately, what I want to know is, am I getting this error just because I'm using multiple machines and therefore using up my user licence? Or is there some technical issue on my Raspberry Pi and Laptop that I need to look into?

P#96601 2021-08-29 00:53

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What is everyone's controller of choice for Pico8?

I've used an 8BitDo SN30 Pro+ and a Switch NES pad. They're great, but as the buttons in the HUD are labelled as X and O, like a Playstation controller, they're not positioned in the right place compared to a Playstation controller. I wish I knew how to flip these as I discover that games like Bubble Bobble, B is jump, and A is blow bubbles on my Switch NES controller.

Still, what kind of controllers do you guys use? And do you know how to flip the buttons for controllers?

P#96496 2021-08-26 15:40

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So after a day of struggling to work out what to do, mainly due to a friend giving me the Raspberry Pi Zero version of the software rather than the RPi3 version. I finally got it working, it works fine playing carts that I download from the website, but it appears to have issues connecting to the BBS, even though I can get network access and update the New, featured, and other pages, when it comes to playing the game it gives me the "Cannot connect to BBS."

Is it just because the bare metal version of Pico8 can't fully get network access? I heard that the creator of the software died a few years back which is a huge shame, in fact, I had to use the Wayback Machine to trace the RPi3 version of the bare metal PicoPi. If the bare metal version isn't meant to have internet access, I can understand, though it is odd that I can view lists of games that are online, but I can't play them, I just wish there was a means to make it work just the way it does on a typical desktop OS.

P#96461 2021-08-26 02:24

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