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Hi there. I participated in Looptober (make a piece of music every day in October, even if you only have a few minutes) and I wanted to further learn PICO-8's music editor.

Well... I only used PICO-8 for five of the days, but that's better than zero. So I thought I'd share the short songs:

07 Glitch

01 Battle

09 Precipice

11 Vines

12 Spring


P#99619 2021-11-05 03:27

Hello all, this is My First PICO-8 Game™︎ and therefore My First BBS Cart Upload™︎™︎, hopefully I've done it right.

Cart #unchecked_8-3 | 2021-11-18 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Unchecked-8 is a slight twist on the classic spike-jumping, maze exploration platformer. There are simply 10 stars to collect. Once you figure out how it works, I estimate it takes 15-30 minutes?

I wanted to dive into PICO-8, make something reasonably small, and actually release it - so I chose a remake/demake of my own short game Unchecked (previously existed in Flash and Basic). I like this so much it's now the canonical version of this game!

I first put it up on itch.io, because it had some HTML player customizations and also to hide My First P8/Lua Code™︎™︎™︎
but now, with a minor update to the game, and the 0.2.3 release of P8 (with Lucky Draw!) I wanted to share it on the BBS :)


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