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Here is something I've been working on since getting into PICO-8 this summer.
I wanted to share it before the end of the year...


It's Yet Another Commandline Tool for manipulating .p8 and other files.
Useful for batch scripting, theming the HTML player, reverting mistakes, etc.

It has a git-like syntax: picoknife [command] [file] [extra args]

As of this version 1.0 there are 8 commands:

  • map to export a map image
  • sheet to export a spritesheet image
  • sprites to export individual sprite images
  • label to export a label image
  • setlabel to apply an image to a .p8 or .p8.png or the HTML player
  • sethtml to modify the colors, icons, title, metadata of the HTML player
  • colorimage to apply 16-color palette to an existing image file
  • copy to duplicate a .p8 file with modifications

I will continue to add features. Currently only for Windows and Mac, sorry!

Downloads and README on GitHub:
The full HELP:


P#102369 2021-12-11 04:17

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Hi there. I participated in Looptober (make a piece of music every day in October, even if you only have a few minutes) and I wanted to further learn PICO-8's music editor.

Well... I only used PICO-8 for five of the days, but that's better than zero. So I thought I'd share the short songs:

07 Glitch

01 Battle

09 Precipice

11 Vines

12 Spring


P#99619 2021-11-05 03:27

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Hello all, this is My First PICO-8 Game™︎ and therefore My First BBS Cart Upload™︎™︎, hopefully I've done it right.

Cart #unchecked_8-4 | 2023-08-25 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Unchecked-8 is a slight twist on the classic spike-jumping, maze exploration platformer. There are simply 10 stars to collect. Once you figure out how it works, I estimate it takes 15-30 minutes?

I wanted to dive into PICO-8, make something reasonably small, and actually release it - so I chose a remake/demake of my own short game Unchecked (previously existed in Flash and Basic). I like this so much it's now the canonical version of this game!

I first put it up on itch.io, because it had some HTML player customizations and also to hide My First P8/Lua Code™︎™︎™︎
but now, with a minor update to the game, and the 0.2.3 release of P8 (with Lucky Draw!) I wanted to share it on the BBS :)


P#97038 2021-09-08 02:46 ( Edited 2023-08-25 02:45)