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Hey folks,

Been toying around slightly with Pico-8 as a break from bigger projects, and I'm wondering if there will ever be an increase to the possible resolution of pico-8?
I dig the limits being used to force creativity, though I do feel 128x128p only gets you so far and no amount of memory-banking between carts can get around that for game-scale, it was the same thing I took issue with on both Gamebuino consoles.

To note I'm not saying like "hey we should have mega-complex 240p with 3x more sprites and 90 more colours so we're basically just on a snes", but I do think even just an upscale to 160x144 would help so much. I'd looked at alternatives but clearly the community and scale of potential support and resources is here in pico-8. As much as I'd like something like the C64 res of 320x200, I think even just the Gameboy 160x144 on some kind of Pico-8+ with the necessary memory increase, maybe a tiny bit more for graphical allocation, would be great.

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