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Text Edit 0.4
by FlowingLily
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Cart #tiny_edit-0 | 2022-06-15 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

A text editor in under 512 characters. Made for Pico-8 512-Char Jam.
Also on itch.io

P#113192 2022-06-15 15:59 ( Edited 2022-06-15 17:17)

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Is it possible to request a username change? I emailed hey @lexaloffle.com about changing my username a few months ago and followed up a week ago, but I've gotten no response? Does anyone know another way of getting in contact with Zep?

P#98026 2021-09-30 04:55

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Cart #picoterm_v1-8 | 2022-05-01 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

PicoTerm is a simple PICO-8 CLI template. It can be used as a basis for command-line games and programs.

To get commands, modify execute() with your command handling code. To print a line, use echo().

If you use this in a project please credit DivergentClouds and link back to this page. (I would also appreciate being notified, however, that is not mandatory)


  • Fixed bug where cpu usage would skyrocket with enough lines


  • Fixed bug where line wrapping wouldn't work if a previous line had been wrapped


  • Major line wrapping bug fixed
  • Fixed pressing ESC sometimes printing a dot


  • Fixed bug where the cursor would persist at the start of a line after pressing return


  • Added blinking cursor


  • Prohibited glyph characters in input to prevent doublewide characters from messing up the screen scrolling


  • Made it so that the prompt is mixed in with the log rather than being stuck at the bottom of the screen


  • Made it so pressing ESC won't print a character


  • Released

Known Issues:

  • Minor: Backspacing on an empty line moves the cursor backwards for a frame regardless

BSD 3-Clause

P#93811 2021-06-21 17:28 ( Edited 2022-05-01 04:49)

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Trying to export a binary or html file from a file that doesn't have the

_init() _update() _draw()

loop will result in a screen like in the picture. This particular image was from the code

P#78046 2020-06-13 22:09 ( Edited 2020-06-13 22:10)

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Please add a flag when launching a cart from the command line to make the cart path relative to the PICO-8 carts folder rather than the current directory of the command prompt/terminal. In addition, a feature to launch within a certain PICO-8 subdirectory rather than the root folder would be nice.

P#77906 2020-06-10 20:03

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If you multiply a fraction that isn't a power a number greater than 1 the returned result will be incorrect (for example PICO-8 returns 9.9991 from print(0.1*100)). I'm aware that this is a problem inherent to fixed point numbers, however some special cases would be greatly appreciated.

P#68160 2019-09-26 21:05

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When pressing a button on the keyboard with devkit enabled while paused through Splore the keystrokes will register and take effect when unpaused.

P#62989 2019-03-24 05:22 ( Edited 2019-03-24 05:40)

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Cart #textedit0_4-0 | 2019-06-03 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Text Edit

[+] Total rewrite
[+] Word wrap (Credit: @Jusiv)
[+] Line wrap
[+] Lowercase letters
[-] Moveable cursor (Temporary)
[-] Scrolling text (Temporary)
[-] Tab (Temporary)

[-] Escape not working in Splore
[-] Arrow keys activating twice
[-] Escape creating a space

[-]pressing p more than once pauses in BBS

Typing with your keyboard
Word Wrap
Line Wrap

Saving files
Loading files
Selecting text
Moveable cursor (use arrow keys)
Scrolling text
(Possibly) on screen keyboard
And more...

Jusiv for the word wrap function

P#56382 2018-09-07 16:14 ( Edited 2019-06-04 15:59)

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Similarly to how you can enable the devkit mouse it would be nice if you could enable the keyboard for use in carts. This would allow for things like text adventures and keyboard shortcuts for things like roguelikes.

P#56210 2018-09-05 00:15 ( Edited 2018-09-05 07:00)

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Cart #55867 | 2018-08-29 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

A 2-player pong variant with lasers

Left and right change laser color

-Red speeds the ball up
-Orange slows the ball down
-Yellow changes the ball's y-direction
-Green changes the ball's x-direction

Catching a laser with your paddle will increase your ammo by 1

If player 1 wants to use a keyboard and player 2 wants to use a controller, then you must launch PICO-8 with the following command

<PICO-8 path> -joystick 1
P#55868 2018-08-29 18:16 ( Edited 2018-08-29 22:20)

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