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Controls: Arrow keys only.

Hi all,

Here's my first finished Pico-8 cartridge, "Material Girl", which is also my first finished game (of hopefully many more!).

It's a goofy little puzzle game that's sort of a mashup of a dating sim and JRPG-style combat.

It's a very simple game, but it took me a long time due to being distracted by my day job and perhaps spending too much time overengineering the underlying code :P Due to code size limits it's definitely about finished, I could push it a bit further with a minimizer but I'm relatively happy with it.

I built mini libraries for keeping track of persistent sprites, promises, and doing complex sequences of tweens. If anyone has interest in using this code feel free, or let me know if you want me to clean it up and extract it into a separate file for easier reuse. They do take up a good chunk of space so they only make sense if you want many sequential and overlapping tweens on things like position, scale, etc. Since this game is turn based on animation-heavy it made sense for me but it probably won't make sense for a platformer or something like that which is more based on real time input.

The code is here and it's running here with mobile support via an on-page D-Pad.

Happy to hear any constructive feedback, I know the sound effects are kind of poor and it could use more music but I did what I could haha. Hope you enjoy it!

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