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I make small indie games and art on my free time. Currently a software engineer at #bosch.




.NET Dev by day | IndieDev by night (#Pico8) | Made: UnDUNE IILow Mem SkySCUMM-8 | Avatar by KenneyNL | He/Him


Hi, I make games.


Hi! I make colorful stuff and video games for a living!
I love Pico-8!!

Find more of my stuff on these cool other platforms:
!! Twitter !!
!! Itch.io !!
!! WordPress !! (DevLog)
!! Twitch !!
!! Patreon !!


I like penguins, and sometimes make games.


Making fantasy consoles (Voxatron, PICO-8 and Picotron) and trying to make my way back to userland.


i make games that kinda suck.

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