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I make pixel art and play sm64js cus yes




Hey, I'm Calverin, here's some stuff about me!

  • I like coding, game design, and kazoos
  • I'm a part of the Command Realm team (we make maps for Minecraft Realms) https://discord.gg/298K6cw
  • I'm a Proofreader for Minecraft Translations (Shakespearean English)
  • I'm an infrequent Twitch Streamer? (https://twitch.tv/calverin)

Game dev at Pixel Shock, and amateur artist.

If you would like to support me, many of my games are available over on itch.io: https://pixelshock.itch.io/

Or, my website: https://cubee.games/


yes hello, i was wondering if you could play that song again


Game Developer @ Snoozy Kazoo

I also make a lot of solo projects you can find on itch, newgrounds, and various other places :)



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