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Get Me the Spell Outta Here!!
by thinknervous
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Cart #witchescape3-5 | 2021-09-26 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

This game is finally done--enjoy!! I have a long list of ideas, including some good ones from player feedback, which I decided to discard. The game works, and the significant bugs are relatively rare. I decided to resist my addiction to refactoring code in the interest of, you know--actually finishing a project for once!

Here's some stuff I did NOT get to:

  • fixing a game-breaking bug where you will occasionally get stuck in the air after jumping on a pig. I couldn't consistently replicate the error or find the cause.
  • not a game-breaking bug, but it doesn't really make sense for the guards to whip you through doors or while you are standing behind them. oh well--it turned out to be too difficult to refactor this code.
  • additional spells, like flying horizontally on a broom or turning yourself into something.
  • various performance and code-cleaning optimizations

Thank you to everyone who played this game while it was in development and gave me feedback and encouragement!!


Revision 4 (final) released 9/26/21

  • added victory screen!!

Revision 3 released 9/12/21

  • swapped order of frog and pig spells
  • adjusted jump height of frog and pig spells; it should now be impossible to skip either spell
  • revised the map to accommodate these changes
  • minor bug fixes

Revision 2 released 8/1/20

  • Added title screen
  • Lots of refactoring that mostly doesn't affect gameplay
  • Gave it an actual name!

Revision 1 released 6/19/20

  • Added music and sound


Edit: Because people seemed to enjoy this game, I'm moving it to "work in progress" and now plan to actually finish it! I'm also adding some references to the end of this post for where I got some of the programming ideas from. (Unfortunately I haven't kept good records of everything, but I will update as I find sources.)


Hi everyone!

This is my first game. I made it a couple summers ago while I was funemployed. I had plans to make it more polished, but, well... I got a (non-programming) job lol. I finally decided to upload it as-is.

A couple programming highlights (which may actually be terrible; I'm not exactly a programmer):

  • pixel-by-pixel collisions checks (starting at line 847)
  • class inheritance system (starting at line 145)
  • algorithmically generated whip graphics, which tbh are a mess but were interesting to try and figure out (starting at line 1114)
  • map initiation: maps are drawn with a single brick tile, which is then replaced with the proper side and corner sprites as appropriate (starting at line 1221)

Let me know what you think!


Particle systems
Automatic tile generation (there used to be a blog post explaining this but the link is broken)

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