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Cart #bunbunsamurai-12 | 2023-11-17 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA



The Hero, weary of fighting in the endless wars fueled by squabbling nobility, wanders across a countryside overridden by bandits and wild ronin. He hopes only to return to the peaceful village he once called home. Wherever he goes, he protects the weak and helpless, leaving no evil unbloodied.


  • Movement - Directional buttons.
  • Attack - Press direction and [O] button.

Attacking and Combos

  • Killing an enemy grants the Hero Prestige.
  • Enemies are not killed by direct attacks - only by knocking them into other enemies or objects. Knocking an enemy into more enemies or objects causes a combo chain worth more Prestige for each impact.
  • After an attack, the Hero must recover for a moment before another attack can be performed. He will raise his sword when he is ready to attack again.
  • If only one enemy remains, the Hero can kill them with a direct attack (Final Strike).


  • The Hero can take two hits before dying.
  • If the Hero finishes a season undamaged, bonus Prestige is granted.


Enemies seek to kill the Hero.

  • As years pass, new enemy types appear and more enemies roam the countryside at once.
  • Enemies that are impacted but not killed grow angrier, increasing their movement and attack speed until they settle down.

Enemy Types

  • Orange Bandit - (Year 1) - Wanders randomly. Will strike if the Hero is nearby.
  • Yellow Ronin - (Year 1) - Seeks the Hero, striking if he is nearby.
  • Pink Ronin - (Year 2) - Throws daggers at the Hero.
  • Red Bandit - (Year 3) - Wanders until the Hero is near, then lights his bomb and chases the Hero. Explodes if hit, so indirect attacks are best.
  • Grey Boss - (Year 7) - Seeks the Hero speedily. Can only be killed with a Final Strike at the end of a level.


Villagers wear green clothing, and run in panic through the countryside.

  • If touched, the villager will be saved, granting Prestige.
  • Villagers that have been bumped into grow more upset, and are worth less points until they settle down.
  • If a villager is killed by an enemy, the Hero loses Prestige.


A variety of objects can be found across the countryside.

  • White Hazard Spikes - Damage the Hero.
  • Chests, rocks, and vases - Can be kicked into enemies, or used to damage enemies that are kicked into them. Some objects break when impacted.
  • Melons - Regenerate the Hero's lost health, as well as giving Prestige.

Difficulty Levels

Difficulty Level can be adjusted on the title menu.

  • Easy - Enemies only damage Hero during their attack animation.
  • Normal - Enemy touches now also deal damage to Hero.
  • Hard - Hero can only take one hit before being defeated.
  • Insane - If a villager is killed, the Hero is defeated.

Rush Mode

Each Difficulty Level can be played in Standard Mode, or Rush Mode. In Rush Mode, the Hero only has a set amount of time to defeat the enemies in each season. Separate High Scores are saved for Rush Mode.

Version History

1.3a [Save Games Reset]

  • Changed score internally to use smaller numbers, to make sure very high scores don't overrun pico-8 integer limit.
  • Added bonus prestige for reaching Home, to ensure returns Home have higher prestige score than base runs.
  • Changed dagger graphics back to arrows
  • Added more sounds and polished others.


  • Removed penalty to movement speed and recovery when injured, as it was subtle and just felt like lag or delay to the normal pacing feel.
  • Removed short ramp up time on movement, for more reactive controls
  • Slightly increased invulnerability time after taking damage.
  • Adjusted colors for indoor daytime maps.
  • Added some more sound effects (in progress)


  • Added Rush Mode for each Difficulty Level. In Rush Mode, the Hero only has a set amount of time to defeat the enemies in each season.
  • Invalidated save data, due to restructuring saves to accommodate Rush Mode saves for each Difficulty Level.


  • Changed Hero's movement so that he immediately stops after directional input is released, making for more precise controls.
  • Added a new Enemy Type - Grey Boss (Chance to spawn starting in year 7, can only be killed by a final strike at the end of a level).
  • Reduced the amount of enemies and villagers that are added per year, to make it easier to reach later years and make progression feel like less of a slog.
  • Increased the size of Melon collision to make it easier to grab on the go.
  • Lowered Indoor Chance from 50% to 25%, giving the Hero more room to breathe.
  • Lowered Weather Chance from 50% to 25%, making it more of a unique event.
  • Removed Weather and Indoor areas from Year 1, so players get to see all the clean levels before adding complexity.
  • Removed Lightning Flashes from the rain Weather type, as it can be irritating visually and spends a fair amount of tokens for a rare event.
  • Fixed a bug where thrown daggers could hit flying enemies, causing a combo interrupt.


  • Fixed a bug where unbreakable objects in a combo chain would reset the chain, instead of just not counting as part of the combo.


  • Added a proper end game screen, allowing the Hero to return home.
  • Added per-difficulty level high scores, which are now shown on page 3 of info screen.
    • Removed bonus score per enemy kill from difficulty setting.
    • Cleared previous versions high scores (balance and compatibility requirement)
  • Hazards now have the same wider collision that enemies do when checking against flying enemy impacts.
    • Hazards and enemies retain their smaller collision when checking against player touch.
  • Added more gameplay info to the info screens.
  • Object now get bloodied when enemies are killed against them.
  • Fixed thrown daggers causing "stumbled into death" ending instead of "slain in combat".


  • Adjusted spawn rates for villagers and enemies over the years so there's fewer base enemies, making for faster early gameplay and less slog just to get to new enemy types.
  • Added bonus score for killing enemies based on difficulty level, so harder difficulties have higher potential scores
  • Swapped the rules for Hard and Hell difficulties, so Hard is now 1 hit death for Hero, and Hell adds game over for a villager getting killed.
  • Added high score saving
  • Added second page of Help screen, showing basic combat rules and difficulty settings information
  • Added some placeholder music cues
  • Fixed a bug where starting a level with camera shake active could cause bad object positions


  • Added first pass Help screen.


  • Adjusted color schemes, added title screen, called out impacts and score text more clearly
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Cart #tmirobot_shobu-2 | 2020-12-29 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Pico8 implementation of the boardgame "Shōbu" by Manolis Vranas and Jamie Sajdak.

In Shōbu, the play area is divided into four boards. The goal of the game is to push all of your opponent's pieces off of any one of the four boards.

The two boards on your side of the play area are known as your HOME BOARDS.

On your turn, you must make two moves: first, a PASSIVE move, and then an ACTIVE move.

For your PASSIVE move, you may only select a piece from one of your HOME BOARDS.

  • You may move this piece up to 2 spaces in any direction.
  • During your PASSIVE move, you may NOT push any other pieces.

For your ACTIVE move, you must repeat your PASSIVE move with one of your pieces on an OPPOSITE-COLORED board.

  • During your ACTIVE move, you MAY push your opponent's pieces.
  • Pieces pushed off of the board are lost forever.


  • UNDO: Use the Undo menu to undo mistakes, or play the game backward or forward in its entirety.
  • TOGGLE LABELS: Show row/column labels for aiding in asynchronous play
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Full instructions with visual examples are included in the pause menu.
  • THEMES: Choose from a variety of visual themes for the board and pieces -- or build your own!
  • FORFEIT: Give up the current game.
P#85909 2020-12-29 23:16 ( Edited 2020-12-29 23:40)

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Cart #werugipano-5 | 2021-02-13 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA


Journey across the stars, crashing your Star Cruiser into a series of increasingly dangerous, procedurally generated planets. Explore their hazardous surfaces as you rescue your stranded crew, salvage lost cargo, and zap hordes of enemies. Can you survive long enough to reach the Mysterious Planet X? Or will you be consumed by a slime, zapped by an enemy blaster, boiled in acid, or choked to death by a toxic atmosphere?


Arrow Keys/Directional Pad - Move
[Z] - Jump (tap, or hold for higher jumps)
[X] - Use Held Item
[Down] + [X] - Pick up / Swap Item


There are several ways to earn score as you traverse a planet's surface:

Bopping enemies
Zapping enemies
Securing cargo
Transporting friendly crew off the surface
Completing levels
Blasting off from the planet in a new Star Cruiser
Several secret bonuses you'll need to discover!


As you delve deeper into space, the planets will expand in size, add more difficult room layouts and variations, increase the chance for high gravity, unlock new hazardous biomes (including burning lava planets, sliding ice planets, and rare toxic atmospheres!), more challenging enemy variants, more enemy crew, and fewer useful items to help you along the way. While the first few planets might not cause you much trouble, by the time you reach the Mysterious Planet X, you'll need the skills and bravery of a true Space Ranger to survive!


Humans are boring! While they're the most common species in the Space Rangers, the other sentient species have special bonuses to help in their adventures. Along with all the random features of each planet, you'll need to accustom yourself to the unique ability of your randomly chosen cadet.

Can you reach the Mysterious Planet X with a cadet from every species?


Game by @tmi_robot. For developer logs and other information, search #littlespacerangers on Twitter.

Uses portions of @matthughson's Advanced Micro Platformer library, which can be found here https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?pid=46229.​


---------------- v1.3 ----------------

--- GAMEPLAY ---

o Lowered the number of screens per planet, and randomized the chance of extra screens on later planets instead of always having them be bigger, which:
1) makes the game easier
2) varies up the landscape more frequently
3) presents the player with a win feeling more often, making the game more fun overall.

o Removed the increase in enemy hit points on later planets, as, with no visual indicator, it's confusing and not fun to discover deep into a run.
o Removed the need to press up to enter the ship, removing the need to learn another action
o Fixed a bug where your high score wouldn't be updated when you win the game
o Changed screen clear score to take into account planet difficulty
o Changed score to not be stored as decimals, as score should never get close to 32k and conversion used tokens. Forced new save version to _13, to clear old scores as this and gameplay changes make old scores meaningless.

--- VISUALS ---

o Adjusted the HUD window size so that the full vertical play area can be seen properly
o Added a HUD prompt when near an item, instructing the player on how to pick it up
o Adjusted the title screen to be centered better, shifting all status displays a little higher
o Added random flavor text dialog strings to the crash sequence
o Added flavor text dialog strings that describe the overall difficulty of a planet upon landing
o Added ability to specify a blood color for death particles (robots no longer bleed!)
o Renamed the "talk-o-tron" to "tele-tron", to better match its concept

--- AUDIO ---

o Added a sound effect when entering the ship at the end of a planet
o Added a sound effect for the Planet: Cleared banner

--- CODE ---

o Updated the include pico-8 package to v0.2.0i (netting some free tokens!)
o Added back in code comments I had to remove a long time ago for .png format space and reorganized code for better readability
o Recaptured a bunch of tokens through various methods (multiple if chains converted to "if ands", some ifs that weren’t necessary (nil checks when nil is ok), a few missed multiple assignment lines, a few unnecessary assignments in reset() and other functions, a few never-used code paths (extensibility that was never used or generic functions that are only called in one place), and other assorted cleanups.

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