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Cart #46489 | 2017-11-20 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA


Journey across the stars, crashing your Star Cruiser into a series of increasingly dangerous, procedurally generated planets. Explore their hazardous surfaces as you rescue your stranded crew, salvage lost cargo, and zap hordes of enemies. Can you survive long enough to reach the Mysterious Planet X? Or will you be consumed by a slime, zapped by an enemy blaster, boiled in acid, or choked to death by a toxic atmosphere?


Arrow Keys/Directional Pad - Move
[Z] - Jump (tap, or hold for higher jumps)
[X] - Use Held Item
[Down] + [X] - Pick up / Swap Item


There are several ways to earn score as you traverse a planet's surface:

Bopping enemies
Zapping enemies
Securing cargo
Transporting friendly crew off the surface
Completing levels
Blasting off from the planet in a new Star Cruiser
Several secret bonuses you'll need to discover!


As you delve deeper into space, the planets will expand in size, add more difficult room layouts and variations, increase the chance for high gravity, unlock new hazardous biomes (including burning lava planets, sliding ice planets, and rare toxic atmospheres!), more challenging enemy variants, more enemy crew, and fewer useful items to help you along the way. While the first few planets might not cause you much trouble, by the time you reach the Mysterious Planet X, you'll need the skills and bravery of a true Space Ranger to survive!


Humans are boring! While they're the most common species in the Space Rangers, the other sentient species have special bonuses to help in their adventures. Along with all the random features of each planet, you'll need to accustom yourself to the unique ability of your randomly chosen cadet.

Can you reach the Mysterious Planet X with a cadet from every species?


Game by @tmi_robot. For developer logs and other information, search #littlespacerangers on Twitter.

Uses portions of @matthughson's Advanced Micro Platformer library, which can be found here https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?pid=46229.​;

P#46149 2017-11-11 19:06 ( Edited 2017-11-12 00:06)

This seems like a long game for what was crammed into the map data, very nice! (Like my Alex Kidd game, heheh)

I kept coming across jumping crew members, with no way to interact with them, what's that about?

P#46157 2017-11-11 20:34 ( Edited 2017-11-12 01:34)

Thanks! Yes, it was a balance of lots of factors to decide on how much randomness vs. planned map blocks. There's a fair amount of variance even in the blocks, with mud, items, creatures, in addition to what you get with the species bonus and gravity modifying what routes you can take.

As for the jumping guys, if you pick up the Tele-Tron item, you can use it near a crew member of the same species and it will transport them offplanet, for some bonus points.

P#46174 2017-11-12 01:31 ( Edited 2017-11-12 06:31)

Wow this is cool. Maybe remove acceleration after jumping as it makes precise actions more difficult :'(

P#46274 2017-11-14 02:58 ( Edited 2017-11-14 07:58)

I tried to find a balance of weight vs. controllabilty (though it does certainly change with Demi and Fuzzis), but characters certainly don't stop on a dime. My hope was the high amount of air control would help a bit with no air friction, while also allowing ease of jumps/speed running from continual movement in air. But it may be I just like my games a little too slidey mario :D

Thank you for trying it out!

P#46488 2017-11-19 19:59 ( Edited 2017-11-20 00:59)

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