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maybe i'm missing something obvious here...is there some way to log into Splore so that your favorites pull from what you favorite here on the bbs? or do you just maintain a seperate favorites on whatever device you have pico8 on?

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so maybe this is impossible, or maybe theres something similar that works, but i can't seem to come up with an idea

for reference, this is relating to https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=3585

so right now, the grid for the maze is a two dimensional array. i'm creating it with all values set at 1 (wall), then manually setting values for blocks as 0 (for walkable areas)

this is fine for the little 8x8 maze i made manually for the WIP, but won't scale very well for 16x16 dungeons with multiple floors, just the legwork/tokens required is awful to think about. so i'm trying to come up with other ideas on ways to do this

what im thinking is, its easy to draw the maps as sprites, but is there some way to like..read the sprites as data into an array? like if i could parse 16x16 worth of sprite so that each pixel is a datapoint in a 16x16 array, that would save me tons of space (and effort), but im not sure if thats actually possible. i cant come up with any way to do it anyway, but if someone knows of a way to make this happen im all ears

(alternatively if someone has an idea of an easier way to handle this im always curious about clever suggestions)

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Cart #27415 | 2016-08-26 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

LAST UPDATE maybe: minor fixes and controller changes for more compatibility, see this post for the rundown

UPDATED UPDATE: 2.0 with automap and tons of other changes! See this post for details

UPDATE: 1.1 RELEASE! See my post somewhere down below detailing what's new/changed

What started as an attempt to recreate a Wizardy-style dungeon crawl sorta morphed/evolved into it's own thing. So, now it's Wizardish!


  • eight 16x16 dungeons
  • grid-based movement/turn-based combat system
  • four selectable characters with various stats/perks
  • chests with gold, potions, and maybe a trap
  • full UI with message system, stats, step tracking, and time played
  • cartdata for highest loot run
  • sounds by me, music by 0xabad1dea
  • more stuff that i'm probably forgetting

Everything is complete at this point and I'm pretty happy with it all (other than the incredibly ugly monster sprite. I don't know how anyone here makes the amazing pixel art they do). I am curious about balance/difficulty though..I can complete the game with all four classes, but I'm not sure how much of that is down to me having drawn the maps lol. Would be very interested in everyone's feedback for possible rebalancing

thanks to 0xabad1dea for the Castle Ruins tune posted originally at https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=3531 it was a really great fit and makes the whole thing feel way more professional than it should


original WIP post below:

Mostly posting this here just so I don't lose it if my hard drive dies or something lol. But also interested in feedback if anyone sees any weird mistakes with the wall drawing logic.

Got an itch to play Wizardry I again, then while I was farting around with it realized it's pretty basic to replicate the 'engine' all things considered. Started messing around with it and a day or so later here I am. Probably going to keep working on this and make an actual game out of it..just need to decide if i want to go with handcrafted maps/scenarios or something randomized. We'll see!

As it stands now you can walk around with the arrow keys, and your scroll will update with info anytime something is in the same block as you (and eventually scroll out). Nothing actually interactable yet, no fights etc.

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Cart #20955 | 2016-05-21 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Wrapped up my second game, and this time it's an actual game! glares at Blocksy


A top down twin-"stick" shooter, since I felt that wasn't a very active genre around here. Utilizes P1 controls (arrows) for movement, and P2 controls (ESDF) for shooting. This may change in the future, specifically when I get a PocketCHIP and need to figure out what layout will work best there.

Zombies will come running at you from the entrances and from the corners at various speeds and in various numbers. Firing excessively will drain your clock, but successfully killing a zombie will restore some time.

Features high score saving to cartdata to give some sort of goal/objective. My high is around 600 on this build, a no-prize for whoever beats it first.

I consider this 'finished' but I'm interested in feedback on the gameplay loop, i.e. is it too hard, are the zombies too fast, is there enough time on the clock, etc as well as feedback on the controls.


(p.s. this is my first stab at making any sort of music in any capacity, ever. hopefully it's not too annoying)

(p.p.s. before anyone says so, yes, I know, my main function loop got completely out of hand and should be broken up into about 40 or so actual functions. This was my big lesson learned to apply to Game #3 lol. So use the source however you like but PLEASE try not to learn anything from it)

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Cart #20331 | 2016-05-08 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

(edit: naturally the first time I uploaded this I forgot to take a screenshot. lol)

My first game! It's pretty bad! But ok for the 24 hours or so I took introducing myself to Pico-8

About ~10% or so of this I'd say is probably wholesale lifted from the first tutorial for Squashy over at Picozine, since that was my starting point to all this. Added some more objects/collisions and turned it into a game sorta thing


  • Z/X to adjust paddle speed
  • multiple return angles
  • scoring (10pts for a successful volley, 25pts for hitting the block)
  • high score tracking (saved via cartdata())
  • annoying sounds, by me
  • working game over/restart screen
  • poor logic
  • poorer comments

There's the occasional (literal) corner case where the ball doesnt interact with the block correctly, but I think I've gotten it as good as I can get it with the horrible way I logic'd it all out. I've already learned/determined a better method for bounding boxes so whatever I make next WON'T be this bad (hopefully).

Enjoy! Hopefully someone gets 20 seconds of fun out of it (or learns something from it [whether a good thing or a bad thing])

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