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Hello everyone.

I'm very very new here and just learning LUA (well, Pico's subset of it) from first principles. So far I can put a few pixels on the screen and move them awkwardly but hey it's a start. I'm new to coding in general, having done JS for just over a year and some Ruby here and there. Never anything serious but recently coded a simple game in codepen.io and then came across Pico-8.

This is a dream come true. An enthusiastic, helpful, and polite (usually) community, all sharing code and learning how to make games! I'm so happy to have found this and have my pocket chip on order.

So let's talk about how we actually share code.

Let me say how grateful I am for those of you who will paste code right into the forum for easy use. I'm also amazed at the carts and how they save in PNG format. Most of all I'm amazed by everyone's generosity in showing their code so that we all can learn from it.

There just one thing I'd love to see, but it may be too much to ask of the creators, but here goes.

Can we get a remix tree of sorts going like they use for MIT Scratch?


It's the original file and all the ways it's been remixed and changed. It creates a great public history of who did what and how it evolved.

Granted, we do this now manually in posts on the BBS. Being able to upload a cart here and show it to the world and then download other people's carts and view the code is amazing. We do it informally but I would love to see it be part of a system here on the BBS to upload and track the remixes.

Of course I don't want to take precious time from the makers of Pico-8 if this is beyond what you have bandwidth for, but I wanted to get the idea rolling and see if anyone else had interest.

I was also interested to know if the binaries I hear about mean you can eventually publish (and download) closed-source games?

Finally, I'd love to know more about why we save are carts as PNG files. I love it! How was that choice/idea made?

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Cart #20875 | 2016-05-20 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Sat down for my first hour of learning both LUA and Pico-8.

This was just to practice parts of the software and get things up on the screen.
Also to test out saving and uploading a cart.

Next I plan to:

  • Research the best way to handle multiple moving objects.
  • Add controls
  • Add weapons
  • Detect collisions
  • Game states (start, win, lose)
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