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Cart #49296 | 2018-02-15 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Lick the Sky is a relaxing arcade climber about a lizard who stared up into the sky and wanted to lick the stars.

High scores are based on climbing time, flight time and time latched to shooting stars. But don't get hung up on it. Put on some music, relax, and Lick the Sky!

P#49297 2018-02-15 10:48 ( Edited 2018-02-22 22:36)


P#49300 2018-02-15 12:06 ( Edited 2018-02-15 17:06)

This is wonderful. Well done!

P#49301 2018-02-15 12:40 ( Edited 2018-02-15 17:40)

i like it :D

P#49302 2018-02-15 13:07 ( Edited 2018-02-15 18:07)

It's got some beauty to it. Nice Work.

P#49303 2018-02-15 13:48 ( Edited 2018-02-15 18:48)

@Davbo, hodge, kittenm4ster, Rahrahrah:

Thanks so much! I'm really glad that you all enjoyed it! :)

P#49304 2018-02-15 14:15 ( Edited 2018-02-15 19:15)

Wonderful, in every way. <3
You are really pushing boundaries with your unique and interesting games. Keep up the great work! :D

P#49321 2018-02-16 01:38 ( Edited 2018-02-16 06:38)

I know that I already thanked you for this compliment on Twitter, but I’ll thank you again here! Thanks so much, Paul. I really appreciate you saying so. :)

P#49333 2018-02-16 07:52 ( Edited 2018-02-16 12:52)

Really like this one, small but perfectly executed. I love the slowly closing sky. And how holding down z right at the end creates all kinds of lovely sounds.

Maybe the notes could form a tune? Though there is something nice about the random element

P#49466 2018-02-20 18:09 ( Edited 2018-02-20 23:09)

Thanks chowyunbrent! :)

I had considered making the notes play in a specific order, but with how often they're triggered, I imagine that predictable notes would feel repetitive pretty quickly. If you're looking for music, just press [enter] on the main screen, toggle the music, and you can play the game with music!

Thanks again for the feedback. :D

P#49512 2018-02-22 17:36 ( Edited 2018-02-22 22:36)

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