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Cart #16901 | 2015-11-23 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Windy is really moody today... maybe the weather will get better if you play a little bit with her.

My first cartridge is this little physics demo.
Had lots of fun learning PICO-8 with this!

Sorry but there is no playability yet.
Who knows, maybe i'll work a little bit more on it.

Code will be updated over here: https://github.com/cauli/PicoBox



  • Now using a faster trifill algorithm by nusan (borrowed from Pico8 3d Renderer by orange451)


  • Added ripple effect
  • Jump with camera movement


  • Improved stability by using sqrt0
  • Reduced number of trifill seam glitches drastically
  • Improved performance by reducing the number of tris/quad from 4:1 to 2:1, yet maintaining graphic quality
  • Particles fly beyond the screen
  • You can make Windy jump to nowhere using Z+X

Older versions:

Cart #14446 | 2015-09-21 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

P#14398 2015-09-20 01:37 ( Edited 2015-11-23 04:39)

wow! really cute scene :D

P#14405 2015-09-20 08:30 ( Edited 2015-09-20 12:30)

Nice stuff. Though playing it in a browser wasn't a good idea - it frozen my Firefox 40.0.3 on Win7 x64 that runs on Intel Core2Quad Q9450 @2.66GHz with 8gb ram and GeForce GTX660

P#14409 2015-09-20 08:49 ( Edited 2015-09-20 12:49)

Awesome tech demo, i like it. Maybe a bit of relaxing music would be perfect

PS: Runs fine in chrome

P#14410 2015-09-20 08:56 ( Edited 2015-09-20 12:56)

This is cool, I'm pretty into it.

P#14413 2015-09-20 10:09 ( Edited 2015-09-20 14:09)

Thank you everyone!

@JuDelCo Agreed. Will do!

@darkhog I'm sorry to hear that. I'll put an warning on the description and improve performance/stability for the next version.

P#14414 2015-09-20 11:22 ( Edited 2015-09-20 15:22)

Oh man, slick as heck. Nice work.

P#14415 2015-09-20 11:37 ( Edited 2015-09-20 15:37)

Wow, this is very inspiring. It feels like a small glimpse into a much larger well-formed world.

About the freeze -- I bet it's the sqrt bug: passing 0 or >= 32761 causes a crash. This is the only known crashing bug in 0.1.1, and it looks like your code might trigger it occasionally. Best just wait for the 0.1.2 version of the webplayer which will be very soon.

P#14417 2015-09-20 12:55 ( Edited 2015-09-20 16:55)

super adorable! runs nicely for me in the web viewer.

i like the cat! why do its eyes change colour? this is quite mysterious!

maybe let stuff blow off the screen and away.

P#14444 2015-09-20 21:52 ( Edited 2015-09-21 01:52)

Thanks a lot for compliments, guys!

@zep Thanks! That is really nice to know, even better coming from you! About the crash: I've used a sqrt0 you've posted somewhere else for this version.

@impbox She's just a paranormal cat, just like all other cats. :D. Done the blow off the screen thing on 0.0.2. Thanks for the tip!

P#14447 2015-09-21 00:29 ( Edited 2015-09-21 04:29)

This is just tearable. (Couldn't resist!)

Since you get decent fixed point performance on pico-8, I've been thinking about trying to re-implement some of my physics games on it. Like our old ScribBall game perhaps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbKPtaI03mw :D

P#14459 2015-09-21 10:01 ( Edited 2015-09-21 14:01)

Love this!

P#14473 2015-09-21 17:58 ( Edited 2015-09-21 21:58)

Kitty noooooooo!
I'm running this in the web browser with a 5 yr old iMac with a dual core i5 3.6 ghz w/ 8 GB of ram and an HD5670 w/ 512 ram and it runs fine. A tick of frame drop when I go crazy moving the cloth around but otherwise works for me.

P#14524 2015-09-23 14:07 ( Edited 2015-09-23 18:07)

Nice efficiency update.

P#16904 2015-11-22 23:39 ( Edited 2015-11-23 04:39)

That poor cat! The physics here are real groovy, can't believe this hasn't had any attention for 7+ years.

P#128770 2023-04-20 03:18

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