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After way longer time than planned, here's the first Demo from this upcoming cart.

Cart #pdemo1-0 | 2022-08-12 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

This includes the first level and is only focused on getting feedback on controls/platforming (there's no sword fighting).
There's a kind of "auto hanging" when possible (unlike the original game where you had to press to hang) this will be optional in the final game.

If you die or exit the level you have to restart the cart.


⬆️..........................Climb up ledge
⬇️..........................Crouch / climb down ledge (if located close behind Prince)/ Pick up sword or potions
⬅️ or ➡️.................Run left / right
❎(X) + ⬅️ or ➡️.....Walk left / right (finer control, backs off from ledges the first time, walks through spikes)
🅾️(Z)/Diagonals-Up..Jump (stationary or while running)

Game controls
Ctrl + R..............Restart cart (go to title screen)

The purpose of this project was to test if elements drawn with my picodraw system could be used as out-of-grid map tiles, leveraging some new functionality (self clipping) introduced since the R-type version.

As I was implementing this, I saw a twitter post from @HeyNetters with a mockup that was a perfect fit, so I asked her to use her art to try and implement it for real.

Music arrangement (limited in this demo but there's already more) by the great @dhostin (YouryKiki) as usual. Further info coming with the next demo.

Cart code is partially minified because it's not yet in a state to show for exampel purpose, it will be extensively optimized in the following releases.

For information about the original Prince of Persia game by Jordan Mechner, check here

level start

find the sword

level end

P#115632 2022-08-12 03:40

Very impressive! The auto hang mechanic annoys me a bit. Other than that, it is excellent!

P#115636 2022-08-12 04:39

This is excellent work, congrats all. 👏
Definitely a new PICO-8 classic in the making!

Plays really well + feels close to the orig (was surprised how quickly I fell back into the controls).

The auto-hang was an interesting feature - for those of us so used to the original. But quite quickly got used to it & perhaps will be a good/forgiving addition for newcomers
(tho would def agree it'd be nice to be optional, if poss.)

Looking forward to seeing & playing more, when it's ready! 😀

P#115638 2022-08-12 05:16 ( Edited 2022-08-12 05:17)

Hey, good job !

The feeling is close to the original, it wakes up forgotten memories !

I managed to stuck the game in a infinite death loop, while climbing down on spike, in the basements. (with neverending red flashing screen and death sound start)

I wonder how many levels you can fit into pico8

P#115640 2022-08-12 06:28 ( Edited 2022-08-12 06:29)

Good catch for the infinite loop bug. My estimates are to fit half levels in standard pick map and the other half will probably be encoded and swapped when necessary

P#115641 2022-08-12 06:32

Excellent! - couple of remarks:

  • prince is visible through walls
  • prince can be hanging "through" breaking platforms (minor)
P#115656 2022-08-12 15:12

@freds72 I think I know what you mean about hanging through breaking platforms, it probably happens on some edge case that I have to take care of after the hanging system is revamped for good. For the wall visibility, some I already solved but some clipping through the diagonal part of the tiles will occur till the game is done, then depending on how many toke I have left for a final beauty pass

P#115739 2022-08-14 08:27

SO amazing to bring back this nostalgia classic! Love the art, well illustrated and the bg music is awesome, tq fr the Demake, really admire your coding+art = mindblown~~~

P#124215 2023-01-13 13:00

@Shikasketchbook Thanks a lot! I will complete this game soon and release it properly, as soon as I am done with another project.

P#124271 2023-01-14 05:40

@TheRoboZ please continue

P#130132 2023-05-25 00:18 ( Edited 2023-05-25 00:19)

i Will as soon as I am done with the current non Pico project. the game is 75% done and just need sometesting and refinements. I want to release a combat demo too and get a couple of pop experts to help me test it

P#130147 2023-05-25 15:23

@TheRoboZ I'm looking forward to

P#130221 2023-05-27 16:25

very cool!

P#134212 2023-09-12 09:59

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